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Local quilting enthusiast Sue Gravoy turned 50 on Thursday and marked the occasion with the traditional Gen-X symbolic Facebook posting of a non-ironic Minion meme.  

Daughter Melissa was there for the historic coming-of-age moment when Sue carefully selected the allegedly funny meme and posted it to her Facebook wall, spoiling everybody’s day. 

“Gosh, this one just nails it doesn’t it?” she laughed.

“Check out his expression! I can just imagine him saying that in his funny voice! Hilarious!” 

Despite the tedious posting of the meme, which so far has only 2 likes, both from other women of a certain age, Melissa says she is happy for her mum, although obviously she hopes that posting Minion memes will not become a full-time job.

“She’s been so excited about being able to post a Minion meme” she explained, from the room the family refers to as the ‘computer room’, due to it containing a computer and being a room.

“She’s been saving some up in a folder for when she turns 50; obviously she doesn’t want to post them too early and get in trouble for underage minioning. But whatever, as long as she’s happy. It doesn’t affect me because I’ve already unfriended her so I don’t have to see those stupid yellow bastards”. 


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