The producers of the hit TV show Last Stop Larrimah are today in damage control.

The new Netflix production is facing heavy criticism after fans pointed out one very glaring flaw – the lack of Facebook shit talking by the residents of the town of Larrimah.

Set in Larrimah, Last Stop Larrimah follows the story of the disappearance of a man from the Northern Territory town of 11 people.

Compiling interviews with all of the residents of the small town, the show aims to shed light on who may be responsible for the disappearance of a loud mouthed Irishman who settled in the region a few decades ago.

While many have appreciated the opportunity to see the quirky characters of regional Australia on the silver screen, locals have criticised a serious lack of Facebook drama.

“You can tell this show was made by some yanks,” laughed one viewer today.

“They haven’t featured a single post in the Larrimah Info XChange.”

Found in all towns and regions around Australia, community Facebook groups offer local residents the opportunity to talk shit about their neighbours and community rivals.

From issues relating to boundary disputes to loose livestock to children being left unattended in cars, these groups are one of the pillars of modern Australian life.

However, the documentary makers of Last Stop Larrimah have failed to include a single post about Frans Pies, the pubs and Paddy Moriarty dragging dead kangaroos around the place.

“It’s a serious oversight, and it needs to be fixed,” said another viewer.

More to come.


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