A local Betoota scam artist is waiting with bated breath today, after launching a brand new worldwide con involving sending people emails from financial giant ‘Poypal’.

The man, who we interviewed on condition of anonymity, is optimistic that his latest scheme is a winner, and that most people would skim over the fact that that’s not how you spell Paypal.

“Honestly, I’m excited about this one”, he said in the interview. “Everyone’s always saying things like, ‘Barry, you’re never going to trick anyone with these emails’, or ‘Mr. Roberts, why did you quit your job to do this’ or ‘People are dumb, but they’re not THAT dumb’”

“But you see, people ARE that dumb. I should know, I’m people too”.

The scam itself, which we can reveal here for the first time, involves an intricate series of communications between the scam artist and any prospective ‘mark’. First, the mark receives an email from ‘Poypal’ saying that their account is about to be deleted, unless they deposit $10,000 to an unrelated Westpac Bank account number. At this point, says the artist, the money starts rolling in.

“I mean, it’s fool-proof! There’s no way people DON’T fall for it. As sure as I live at 15 Baird St, Betoota, this is guaranteed to make me a millionaire!”


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