Australia’s cost of living crisis has given rise to a peculiar new status symbol in Australia’s urban jungles.

The refreshing Iced Long Black.

What was once a staple among Influencers, is now a conspicuous consumption statement for local females. 

As inflation and the housing crisis continues to grip the nation, women across Betoota have found a new cost-effective way to flaunt their financial prowess: holding an Iced Long Black with a dash of Oat milk. 

Getting into detail on the matter, one local woman explained “The dash has to be either almond or oat” because who drinks milk from a cow during these trying times. 

“Not that anyone would tell the difference” she continued. 

One must admit, the affluent beverage of ice, espresso, and a dash of milk screams opulence and extravagance.

Local baristas, who used to take orders for flat whites without batting an eye, now find themselves inundated with orders for Iced Long Blacks. 

Meanwhile, economists are urging women to restrain from forking out $7.50 for what is basically a long black with some ice.

“You’re paying around $4 just for the luxury of a couple of ice cubes and with a straw”, explained Warwick James McKibbin, a local Professor of Economics.

Still despite the warnings, economists have predicted this trend, like the cost of living will continue to be on the rise for months to come.


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