If Rodney Smith was a professional footballer or aspiring reality television star, he would be in a fair bit of trouble today.

The 30 something Fly In, Fly Out (FIFO) machinery driver at the Moranbah Coal Mine, (just inland from the city of Mackay) has put his disposable income on full display by beaming himself out to the world racking up a whole bag of his hourly pay

Smith works long days out at the open cut mine, and when he gets some time off, he likes to give it a bit of a nudge.

His expensive taste for bottled Jim Beam and Cola and the CNS stimulant, cocaine, is justified by the fact that he earns an hourly rate equivalent to that of a surgeon or partner at a law firm.

Living the life of a FIFO worker you may not begrudge his said vices, however, the fact that he always seems to record and broadcast his hobbies via social media may be a touch questionable.  

Smith is a real sucker for documenting his nights on social media, namely Snapchat, (an online platform that allows you to send short videos and pictures to friends), particular the parts where he sniffs his way through a few days work for most of his non-FIFO friends.

Smith’s most recent upload featured him snorting ‘white powder’ in a dimly lit room with a couple of other males to the soundtrack of him ‘Wooing’ and some 90’s American Hip Hop.

“Wooooooo. Hahahahaha,” he is heard saying during the video.


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