After nearly 9 weeks of punishing training, a Brisbane-based boxing coach has decided to try and gauge just how far his trainees have come.

Corporate Boxing coach Billy Magoulias says he’s decided to take his fighters out to a regional drinking venue to see much they’ve picked up from the intensive program he’s just put them through.

Normally corporate fighting programs usually just have a couple of training sessions a week for 10 weeks before everyone’s friends and colleagues get to watch them pillow fight with some other suit for a few minutes in a boozy final fight night.

However, that isn’t the case for this current crop of CBD brawlers.

“Look, I’ll bring a couple of the old guard with me so we can break things up if need be. We’ll be keeping everyone reasonably safe.”

“But, if they can handle themselves out the front of the Twisted Elbow in Betoota Ponds around midnight, then they are ready for the glitzy suit and tie event back in Southbank,” he explained.

“Besides, they might think fighting some other white-collar sack is a bit of an adrenaline rush, but that’s nothing compared to a bloke called Brayden coming at ya after 10 rum and cokes.”

The interesting move by Magoulias is believed to have raised eyebrows, with concerns a bunch of desk jockeys from inner-city Brisbane may not be equipped to deal with some grogged up townies.

“Obviously most of them don’t have the technical know-how, but that doesn’t really matter on the main street at 11:45 PM,” explained the concerned publican.

“But, if that’s what the coach wants to do, that’s what he wants to do.”

“I’ll keep an eye on things to try and make sure they don’t get too out of hand.”

More to come.


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