With the cost of living steadily rising across Australia, there has been criticisms of Morrison government’s detachment from this issue per the last fortnight.

This crisis couldn’t have been timed worse, as the country attempts to recover from a horrible run of crises, from bushfires, to COVID-19, to the most recent droughts and floods.

The rising prices of oil, petrol, groceries, and any form of travel – is hurting all Australians – except of course, for those who travel, eat, and sleep for free on the Australian taxpayer dollar.

However, the arrogant ‘let them eat cake’ attitude that the Federal Government has held towards this issue appears to be subsiding this week – after Scotty From Marketing found himself exposed to the common people over the weekend.

Speaking to the media today, the PM says it’s amazing what a day at the footy can teach you about the unwashed voters, even if you are watching from the safety of a corporate box.

“I had to buy a pie on the weekend. At the footy.” he said.

“I was at THE FOOTY. And they were only offering gross vego stuff in the box. So I went for a wander with my security detail”

“Did you know a pie at the footy costs like 7 bucks! It hurts a lot more when you have to pay for it with your own money”

“Don’t even get me start on the fuel”

After punishing through a four hour round trip from Kirribilli to Cronulla in rammed Saturday beach traffic, before spending another couple hours watching a several grades of rugby league at Pointsbet Stadium, the Prime Minister is well aware of how much it costs to fill up a tank of unleaded petrol into his own car.

“Unfortunately I can only get a chauffuer to the representative matches” the PM told the media scrum.

“So, I had to make the call. Pay my own way to drive across Sydney on a Saturday afternoon, or risk not being seen at an inconsequential round two match of NRL”

It seems the Prime Minister’s decision to spend an afternoon at Shark Park, on the same day the Liberals were getting pumped in the South Australian election, may have paid off – with at least 4 minutes of screen time throughout the afternoon.

Scotty’s scarf-twirling excitement was all caught live on Channel 9 and Fox Sports, as the Sharks newest recruit Nicho Hynes slotted a conversion after the siren to mark round two with a remarkable victory.


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