A Redlands Bay man who’s been rolling in cash recently doesn’t know which type of beer will make his neighbours more jealous, corona or crown lager.

Initially opting to pick up a box of the flash Mexican import, Corona, Luke Caruthers (49) hit the brakes in the beer aisle when he saw the glistening gold wrapping on the display pyramid of Crown Lager.

“Fuck me” he said.

“This is a tough one”

As his teenage son, Bailey (14) urges him to consider the Miller’s Chill Lime Fusion at the end of the store, Luke says it’s not a big enough deal to be drinking lime-flavoured beer while floating in your pool on a Sunday arvo.

“What was [our neighbour] Jayceon drinking when he won that court case against the mines?” asked Luke.

“Was he drinking the crownies or the mexican shit”

“I can’t tell, they look the same to me”

The two Caruthers men compromise and decide upon buying a carton of each beer.

“That way, we can offer both to him when he comes over” says Luke.

“Do you still want me to get you some bourbon for your semi-formal? Go wait outside so they don’t think i’m buying it for you”


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