With the winter festival season just around the corner, Bondi local Mike Green is slowly going over the discographies of a number of band’s expected to arrive in Australia over the next few months.

‘Greeny’ says he looks forward to letting loose over the summer break, and reaching a ‘higher plane’.

With his Spotify playlists going places he’s never been before, the 25-year-old SnapChat journalist says -much like the electronic dance artists he plans on seeing at main stage – he is making an effort to sample different experiences from record crate of life.

By that, he means that he will probably be wearing a Native American headdress at some cold regional festival and rushing up front for the Flight Facilities.

“It’s just something I feel deep down,”

“Call it sharmanic, call it what you will,”

“I don’t know if I have any Indian heritage or not, but I ordered this feather head piece online a few months ago and I can really feel a fire of culture burning inside me when I wear it,”

By that, ‘Greeny’ means he enjoys doing ecstasy, and plans on doing heaps of ecstacy, appropriating American Indian culture all Summer, and really letting Instagram know about it.

When asked about his thoughts on the thousands of Native Americans camping out in North Dakota since 2015 to protest against a pipeline that is meant to cross sacred burial grounds, ‘Greeny’ says he’s not that interested in politics.



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