Local bloke, Woodsy, refuses to acknowledge that his tag-a-long mate from another social circle is actually way funnier and charismatic than people give him credit for.

Despite his housemates and other friends insisting his good mate Joey is actually a bit of a drain, Woodsy says it’s because his unique sense of humour often goes over people’s heads.

“You just have to get to know him” says Woodsy, after being met with opposition to his idea of letting Joey know that he is at the pub with his other mates.

“He’s actually quite dry”

Woodsy’s non-Joey liking mates disagree.

“The bloke is as boring as state politics” says Andy.

“He’s actually pretty rude too. I wouldn’t have a problem with a normal seat-filler, but this blokes is a nasty little prick when he opens his mouth”

With Woodsy know pretending he can’t see what the boys are talking about, he has gone ahead and fired off a text to Joey and plans to spend the rest of the heaving making an overly obvious effort to get everyone to get along.



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