In an ironic twist of events, aerosol products may just be the answer to one of climate change’s most grievous of afflictions.

At least that is the case for local big unit Murray Bishop (58) who finds himself stuck to his leather couch whenever he goes shirtless during the stinking summer heat.

“I’d be watching the cricket, go to get up for a slash and find I’d been superglued to the couch,” stated Bishop who splashed out on a leather couch that even a potato like him cannot stain.

“It was like when the Dudesons lick metal poles in the winter, I would get really stuck on there. I had to call a mate to help but he just got stuck as well.”

After having mixed success using a pizza peel to peel himself free, Bishop realised prevention may be better than a cure and turned to a different piece of kitchen equipment to remedy the sticky situation.

“Just spray a bit of this cooking oil on and I can sit all day and not get stuck. I just slide right off, see!” Bishop then demonstrated how he was able to slide right off the couch like a child on a slippery dip.

“Plus it’s low fat which is great for my skin.”


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