The former Deputy Prime Minister’s financial hardship was on display for all of his electorate this morning, after the young father was spotted waiting outside the Services NSW office in Tamworth this morning – with a trolley full of cans and bottles.

Joyce, who yesterday declared he was struggling to get by on his parliamentary wage, is on a $280,000 package with taxpayer-funded car and telephone – is being sneered at by his coalition colleagues – most of whom come from rich families and haven’t ever had to worry about having the safety net pulled out from underneath them.

Yesterday Barnaby came under fire for linking his circumstances with people on Newstart, which is as low as $40 a day.

However, the poor little Barny Blues appear to be coming from a good place, as The member for New England breaks ranks with his have-a-go-get-a-go government and calls for the rate of New­start to increase – stating that his cost of living is testing enough, and said he can’t imagine being actually povo.

While his opposition and his alleged colleagues are making a point of ridiculing him for being poor or at least claiming to be doing it tough with a Catholic amount of kids and two households in his budget, today’s discovery adds an element of legitimacy to his financial woes.

Standing outside the return-and-earn drop off, covered in sweat and pushing a big hall from last night’s raids of local skip bins – Barnaby really did look the part.

“Those blue bloods up on the hill don’t even seperate the recyclables” he giggled.

“Gotta love bin night haha”

However, as has been the case with Barnaby over the last five or so years, things didn’t really go to plan.

“Aww fuck me!” he said.

“The machine’s fucken broken!”

“Fuck this fucken shit! Now I gotta push this fucken trolley all the way to Carlo’s IGA”


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