After a tough day for the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, things got even worse.

Trying to unwind with the latest series of Stranger Things, which the maverick MP reportedly loves, Joyce was confronted with a disturbing reality.

His ex had changed the Netflix password.

Like hundreds of thousands of other Australians, Joyce makes the most of a Netflix account someone else pays for.

However, as many others have in the past, the Member for New England was frustrated and shocked to learn that the paying account holder had changed the Netflix password, forcing him to tune into iView.

“I fucking like to view, do you?” said the politician referencing the ad campaign from a couple of years ago.

“But not iView, I was at a crucial point in Stranger Things too, fuck,” said the frustrated Joyce.

“I’ve used all my spare emails too.”

“I’m not watching Q and A. Get fucked.”


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