A local Betoota Heights man returning from Europe named Tony Williams has confirmed that he is, in fact, effectively a full-blown alcoholic now.

“Legit though, I’m actually fucked [haha]” laughed the young man touching down this afternoon.

The 1st year engineering student getting back from his first full-on trip as a grown-up said it’s been a ‘loose’ few weeks.

“Contiki was mad,” said the young man returning home 2 weeks into the semester.

“I literally drank every single day I reckon.”

“Like, every day. That’s like 42 days in a row. Haha fuck, that’s so crook.”

“I think I’m an alcoholic now,” said the traveller confusing the crippling disease with his recreational drinking at tourist night clubs in European cities.

Williams then told our reporters that his liver ‘actually hurts’ despite not actually being able to anatomically locate the organ when prompted.

“Fuck, Budapest man. I wish I could tell you how that was, but I can’t even remember. It was good I think,” laughed the young man under the impression he was the first person to have a few beers in Europe.

“I probably should take it easy though after going so hard.”

“Famous last words aye,” he said wheeling his luggage off into the terminal.


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