4 November, 2016 13:45


For Stephanie Anderson, high pressure situations are the norm. As a high flying surgeon at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, her days consist of operating on patients whose highly vulnerable lives depend on her steady hands.

But, at 6:30pm last Thursday night, the Aldi checkout experience was just all too much.

After just seconds in, the mother of two began sweeping the goods into her trolley with no regards for the products or the bags in which she had paid money to put them in.

At the exit, in a fluster, Mrs Anderson told the Advocate that the culmination of factors overwhelmed her and she is “bloody glad to be out of there”

“I’m pretty sure I broke a jar of Romanian made pasta sauce but I don’t even give fuck anymore”

“I had planned to load my shopping into the bags in an orderly fashion, but Jesus Christ that girl was just moving them through the scanner at break neck pace,”

“I was backlogged, almost instantly, she was looking at me like I should be going faster, the queue seemed to be backed up a fair way, it just rattled me.”

The not so new kid on the block anymore, Aldi is known for its cheap prices, extremely obscure products, and its unorthodox check-out method, which is known to have frazzled even the most experienced of shoppers.

So much so that Mrs Anderson said she even tried to pay pass the transaction despite it being well over the 100 dollar mark.

“Look its great how cheap it is, but on my salary I’m just going to cop the extra couple of hundred bucks or so for someone to pack my bags at Coles or Woolies”

“Can you imagine if they tried implement a a self serve kiosk” Fuck me”


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