25 October 2016. 15:25


Despite the fact that the law would never allow Shonaleigh Madden (24) to work at a paediatric hospital or primary school, she has been given the all clear to give birth to child number four early next year.

The unemployed casual ice user has been banned from driving on Australian roads for the next twenty years and has also been banned from travelling to most overseas countries, after a string of D.U.I offences and violent assaults.

It has also been revealed that not one of Shonaleigh’s ex-boyfriend’s would be allowed to work with kids either, but they are all free to share custody of their respective children.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Mrs Madden says she doesn’t know who would actually be able to stop her.

“I just have ’em” she said.

“No one has ever come over and sussed me out,”

“I mean I lost my oldest [Tyson, 6] for a few months there because the social workers thought we were cooking ice in here. But he ended up at my mother’s – and kinda just moved back in after a little while,”

“Who the fuck is gonna tell me I can’t have kids. It’s a free country,”

The fact that Shonaleigh would be hands-down denied a working with children permit (blue card) does not seem to concern anyone in her greater community who can tell that she’s about to pop another one out.

Local newsagent, John Harper (55) says it’s not his concern.

“I can’t stop her,” he says.

“It’s got nothing to do with me,”

“But I’ll tell you one thing, when those kids get old enough and start coming in here and stealing shit, I’ll be the first person to have them arrested,”

“It’s really her call. Does she want to be responsible for a bunch of fuck ups? Four kids is a lot of responsibility for someone who doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not appropriate to go to Woolworths without shoes on,”



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