A married heterosexual woman made an interesting choice this week when she asked her equally-straight husband’s opinion on a dress she was thinking of buying, as if her husband was Gok Wan or something.

Ordinarily, Beatrice Cole (32) is all good when it comes to asking her husband Dieter Klein’s (34) opinion on anything aesthetically adjacent lest she end up living in the house from Workaholics.

Despite her husband having the style of a crushed turtle shell, during a couch shopping session Cole decided to show her hubbo a picture of a dress she likes the look of as if her spouse were UK image consultant and TV host Gok Wan MBE.

“Babe, the cricket’s on, what am I looking at?” asked Klein in a question so heterosexual the Hilltop Hoods might rap it later on.

“Yeah, it’s a dress.” 

“What? It looks nice OK.”

Understandably unsatisfied with her soulmate’s response to the thing that was her whole world at that moment, Cole decided to show her husband another dress photo so he could compare the two as if he were Gok trying to help some Lancashire lass pick her perfect wedding dress.

After receiving the response that she would ‘look great in either’ and ‘looks best in the nuddy anyway’, Cole realised that the only man in her life that was going to understand her colour story lives on the other side of the world an mostly hosts cooking shows these days, forcing her to simply order both dresses.

At the time of writing, leader of straight right’s organisation HetHealth has demanded that The Advocate apologise for spreading this story and continuing to use married straight couples as an easy targette. 



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