Uber passenger, Mark Madden has just jumped straight into the same fucking conversation he’s had twice a week for the last three years, today.

The hospitality worker from Betoota’s Old Quarter found himself at a loss for conversation with an extremely chirpy Uber driver.

Mark starts with the usual shit.

“How long you been driving for” – Only to learn that this is one of those ‘after-work’ type drivers, who are only doing it for a bit of extra cash.

This leads Mark on the exact same fucking path he ends up going down most times he uses the ride-sharing app.

“Oh yeah. How much do you clean up on a good day. Might have to give it a whirl myself”

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate shortly after his $15 fare to his girlfriends house, Mark says he knew exactly what the driver was going to say.

“I know for a fact that they usually can pull around 150 in a good arvo. That’s assuming he works until around 9ish”

“It might have decreased a little with the saturation of drivers in this particular market, but it’d only be a ten, twenty dollar variation. At the most”

“I just wish one of these blokes could give me something a bit more interesting to talk about on these trips”

“But I spose with the stringent criteria they have to meet, I’m not exactly going to be dealing with park cricketers”

“I know I’ve told about a hundred of these pricks that they are onto something and I might start driving myself, but the truth is I have way too many red flags next to my name when it comes to a police clearance”



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