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After acquiring Mount Munrow Station from the E.H. Pearson Cattle Company late last year, The Private School Gap-Year Pastoral Company is welcoming their inaugural crop of first-year jackaroos to town later this week to a considerable amount of local fanfare.

Mount Munrow manager Phil Taranaway told The Advocate this morning that he’s excited to see the amount of ‘go’ these spoonfed-dough-bangers have in them.

“Yeah but nah, mate. Hopefully, these smooth-handed-necktie-wearing boys and girls have a bit of fire in them, because Christ knows they’ll bloody well need it,” he said.

“We’ve got 24 decks of unprocessed weaners coming down from the Gulf next week and that’s just the start of it. None of the ponies have been ridden for three months so they’ll be fresh as buggery. That and most of the fences are rooted from that last bit we had over Christmas,”

“There’s too much on for me to have a team of useless soon-to-be tertiary-educated ringers, you know what I mean? I need a couple old hands on deck.”

Filling the headstockman’s boots this season at Mount Munrow is local cowboy Ellis Cornwell, who revealed to The Advocate that he’s been told he needs to ‘mellow out a bit’ when he starts working with these fresh rich kids from the soft country down south.

Known for taking to lazy ringers with a jigger and blowing up at every cunt but himself when the camp blows a mob of lively 4-year-old Brahman steers on a heavy trot, the 24-year-old former first-year privately-educated cowboy said he’s taking a different approach this year.

“Yeah look,” he said. “I can’t go around yelling and screaming at cunts who don’t know what they’re doing this time around. I’ve gotta be more of a teacher Phil said.”

“So anyway, looking forward to the opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll get them up to being halfway useful by the end of the year, then they’ll fuck off to university and we’ll have the same problem next year.”

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