It’s alleged that a young fella has unknowingly hoodwinked BIGSOUND organisers after he was seen blasting OneFour out of his Kmart speaker.

Paulo Mamea [14] was reportedly waiting for his chicken nuggets at the valley Maccas last Friday evening when he thought he’d do the crowd a favour and provide some much needed entertainment.

It’s alleged the sudden influx of aggressive rap had elicited little to no reaction from those waiting in line.

However, the loud noise did capture the interest of one passerby who’d been immediately enraptured by the performance – BIGSOUND director Layla Simms. 

Layla tells our reporter that she’s welcomed the opportunity to showcase some more diverse talent in the Bigsound 2020 lineup, stating that “in all honesty, most festival lineups consist of long haired Byron Bay boys named Matt or Ethan.”

“I’m always on the lookout for talent, and one thing that’s always set BIGSOUND apart is our diverse lineup of speakers and musicians”, says Layla.

“As soon as I saw Paulo I knew I had to have him on board.”

Layla adds that it’s a pity nobody will be able to save him perform live, as the festival had to be switched to a virtual event due to the virus.

“I don’t know if this revised format will work if I’m being completely honest”, admits Layla, “perhaps if we generated as much money as the AFL we’d have been able to go ahead as normal.”

More to come.


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