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The robots who drive the Sydney Metro Trains are set to join their homo sapien brothers who drive real trains in demonstrating against the NSW Government next week.

Earlier this week in Sydney, the nation’s largest open-air sewer, a representative from the Driverless Train Union of Australia, Mr XR4AE, spoke to the media about why they feel the need to stick it to Premier Dominic Perrottet.

“We will stand in solidarity with our brother and sisters who drive heavy rail,” beeped XR4AE.

“For too long, we’ve been pushed around and taken advantage of by the honeydew with eyes, David Elliot, who thinks he can negotiate from his $8000 Sealy Posterpaedic bed in his airconditioned mansion,”

“To that, we say no! To the people of Sydney, we say this. Today, we’re fighting for our rights. Tomorrow, it might be you. Solidarity!”

The NSW Government has responded this morning to the Driverless Train Union, telling the media via a statement that they plan to update the software that drives the trains and install an anti-strike patch.

More to come.


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