With the postal survey underway, there’s no denying debate over same sex marriage has been heated. However, there have been some great examples of human compassion during this testing time.

One such example came from 32 year old investment banker Nick Panopoulos who casually mentioned his ‘yes’ vote to a gay colleague in conversation.

“Just kind of asked her how her weekend was,” he explained. “She asked me how mine was and I said, ‘yeah did a bit of gardening, had the misses parents round for dinner, voted yes, not much else really.’”

“It’s important to not make it a thing, but like, let her know that I support her existence outside of work”

We reached out the colleague in question, executive manager Cassie Armstrong about Nick’s comments.

“Is he that sweaty one who’s always talking about his garden? Yeah he’s alright I guess. Uses the term ‘missus’ to refer to his wife which is a bit gross.”

Blissfully unaware, Nick can’t wait to continue his support for the ‘yes’ campaign by telling as many queer people as possible about his vote.

“Louis in sales used to be a chick so I’ll mention it to him later. Notice how I used the correct pronoun? Welcome to the right side of history fellas!”


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