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Knowing full well what the consequences are for slipping up on a night out in Sydney, Junior Leaupepe spent half of Friday night apologising for entering somebody else’s personal space.

The 29-year-old Indooroopilly buyer’s agent arrived in Sydney late on Friday afternoon, where he was met at the airport by his old mate Dave, who made the move down to the harbour capital in 2011.

He warned him that things in Sydney weren’t like they were back in The Valley.

“He told me to take it easy. Sydneysiders don’t appreciate the types of debauchery that come hand in hand with growing up on the banks of the big brown snake,” he said.

“He said I should be honest with bouncers and apologise for everything,”

“So I thought, ‘No problem’ and didn’t think of it again. Until we went out that night.”

Recalling all the times when he’d go to The Met as a teenager, throwing drinks on the gogo dancers in the birdcages and urinating in dark corners, Junior knew that wouldn’t fly.

Choosing the most Sydney experience for Junior’s first night in town, Dave took him on a tour through the city’s east – culminating in a last stand in the Oxford Street precinct.

Thinking he’d see a slice of the human condition that he’d never seen before, Dave said he wanted to show Junior the real Sydney.

“Well. I took him up and down Oxford Street because you don’t see blokes kissing in the street in Brisbane. It would be a treat for somebody like him. We didn’t see any, just two guys going at it in between two beemers in Surry Hills,” said Dave.

“Then we went down off the street, down these stairs into a club,”

“There was only like 11 people in it on a Friday night, but Junior made the point of apologising to each of them. He also said he was sorry to the door bitch, DJ, floor staff and bartenders,”

“It was very Brisbane.”


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