Newtown local and self-proclaimed shredder, Derek Menzies, was last seen dodging his way through unsuspecting pedestrians down south King street before stopping to cross the road when he saw a break in the traffic.

With his tote bag in tow and his converse chucks looking like they’ve never seen the griptape of a skateboard in their life, he reportedly picked up his board to place it onto the road and then pushed twice before reaching the other side and then picking his board up again.

Even though he did throw his board with nonchalance back on to the footpath before going on his gnarly way, he wasn’t sure whether he could hear sniggers as he sailed down the street, or it was just that he’d he’d smoked to many cones before leaving the house.

“These fucking footpaths are too steep” he complains, before dramatically kicking his board forward and sprinting behind it.

“Gotta bounce”

Derek then jumps back onto his board and begins weaving through people with his hair flowing”


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