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After a big couple of days at work, local publicist Grace Leigh was left feeling like an afternoon nap would be the best thing in the world today.

With droopy eyelids and a light head, the young woman stumbled through her bedroom door and collapsed on the bed.

Knowing full well that she often wakes from an arvo nap feeling like she drank 2 bottles of wine the night before, Leigh had convinced herself there was nothing better than a little snooze.

I’ll just set an alarm for 40 or so minutes time and then get up and make dinner she thought to herself, optimistically forgetting that she literally always hits snooze for at least an hour after the alarm goes off.

And Ms Leigh confirmed to The Advocate this evening that what she subconsciously knew would happen, happened.

“Yeah, I woke up feeling like absolute shit. I hit snooze for ages after I was supposed to get up. Then when I did get up, I was drowsy, had a dry mouth, and felt like I had been bludgeoned with a blunt object,” she said.

In terms of the making dinner promise she made to herself, Leigh said that; “That definitely didn’t happen. I ended up ordering a Pad See Ew, eating it on the couch and going back to bed pretty soon after it.”

“It’s funny because when I am so bloody tired like that I use bits and pieces of science to justify going for a sleep. You know, like if you sleep for 20-40 minutes it recharges your batteries and it’s great for you.”


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