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A popular Italian diner in East Betoota has defended their use of the controversial Comic Sans font in their menus today after a number of customers made negative comments about it online.

The Mangiare La Figa Ristorante on Brunswick Street has served the wider Betoota region for close to 50 years and enjoys a solid reputation for quality homestyle Italian cooking for a reasonable, family friendly price.

However, many online reviewers have remarked that the menus have a lot left to be desired.

Ellias Knipkin, a local graphic designer, took to Zomato to express his disdain for the ugly typeface and layout of their menus.

“You can’t have a $60 bottle of wine on a Comic Sans menu,” he wrote.

“The other stuff I’m fine with. The $12 parmigiana with a side of spaghetti bolognese for an extra dollar? Yeah, that belongs on a Comic Sans menu. But the other stuff? I mean, I love this place but they need to fix their menu up pronto.”

However, Mangiare La Figa‘s owner Cenzo DiCampo said he has no intention of changing the menu at all – including the Comic Sans – and that anyone who knows anything about Italian food should know that the basic font is a sure sign of high quality nonna-standard Italian film.

The 66-year-old explained to The Advocate that his margins are already razor thin and any unnecessary expense such as redesigning the menus when they’re ‘perfectly readable’ is bad for business.

“What’s that matter with the menus?” he asked, throwing his hands out in front of him palms up.

“You can’t read them? No? Of course, you can! Can you read? Yes? The wine comes from all over the world. I buy for $50 and the customer buy for $60? Shoot me. Getting it out to the middle of the desert is expensive!”

“Yeesh. Let me focus on the food”

More to come.


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