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A French Quarter commis politely declined the exceptionally generous offer from the head chef to enjoy a leftover burger tp enjoy on his break, opting instead to eat a small bowl of cold chips while he listens to deep house music at a very high volume in the public bar.

Chef Dominic Munro was seen by our reporter sitting in the front bar of the Gelded Seahorse Hotel, seemingly in his own word.

With greasy Crocs on his feet, filthy checkerboard pants on his tubular legs and a chef’s jacket that wouldn’t look out of place in some artist’s studio, the 24-year-old graduate of Betoota Heights TAFE is content to spend his breaks his way.

Which is to tune in and drop out of whatever is going on around him.

Dominic’s bowl of chips was already cold before he emerged from the kitchen. He barely acknowledged the Danish backpacker working the bar when he went up to get his schooner of Pub Squash. She looked at him with a knowing look.

Some of the other patrons look outside to see what hoon is playing music at such an antisocial level. Only to realise it’s coming from Dominic’s headphones some 10m away across a crowded bar.

“He does this every day,” said working holidayer Navn Navnesen.

“Sometimes he doesn’t even drink. How can someone do that? Work all day on a hot grill and not even have a glass of water with lunch?”

Nobody will ever know.

More to come.


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