With a lack of innovation and excessive claims of sexual assault plaguing the comedy industry, fans and comics alike are comforted by Will Ferrell’s loud delivery of an already funny joke.

Known for his high-brow performances where he fights a female co-worker and rubs his testicles on a drum-kit, Will Ferrell’s greatest contribution to the comedy world has undoubtedly been his ability to make a normal joke much funnier by yelling it.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate Ferrell refused to answer if he’d be bringing his signature gusto to his performance in the remake of No Activity with some of his microphone breaking volume.

Film critic David Stratton says there is much more to Ferrell’s delivery than higher decibels.

“What you have is a joke delivered quite loudly obviously, but it’s wrapped in a sort of dramatic desperation that vanishes as quickly as it appears giving this sense of an adult tantrum which very much plays to his appearance as an overgrown man child.”

In 2014, reports circulated that Will Ferrell once had an entire church congregation in stitches by reading the eulogy of a dear friend at a volume much higher than is usually acceptable.

Confirming these rumours, Minister D.D. Jackson states that he let typical funeral convention slide just this once.

“I was going to get up and tell him to stop but [tehehehe] he’s just so funny! The way he talks so loud, oh man.”

Stratton said that considering the character Ferrell plays in the series he can’t see anything changing.

“He plays a middle aged American father-in-law. If were are expecting Ferrell to ever step away from the high volume, in your face white america, this show probably won’t be the one he does it in.”

When pressed on whether he would bring his typical humour to the table in the new series, Ferrell finally responded with;


Haha! So good.


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