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Featuring a number of tracks re-recorded for Christmas, British singer Morrissey has released a special holiday album just in time for the big day – something that’s got one Brisbane man excited.

Rather than wait for the midstrength to kick in listening to uncle Pete and Michael Buble compete for the airwaves, Simon Andey (24) of St Lucia stumbled across the album today shopping from presents.

“I’m going to gift it to my brother, I think,” said the Hutchinson Builders project manager.

“Finally, I’ve found a Christmas album that’s on my wavelength. If anybody knows about the commercial hollowness of the holidays, it’s that morose vegetarian from The Smiths.”

Showcasing reworked classics with a big of Christmas cheer, the album features re-recorded versions such as ‘There Is A Christmas Light That Never Goes Out,’ ‘Please Please Please Let Me Get The PlayStation I Want’ and ‘This Charming Santa,’ all proceeds of the record will go straight to Morrissey.

Speaking of which, the 58-year-old musician has remained silent on the release, saying only that he expects it to do well compared to ‘all the other shit’ that’s on offer.

More to come.


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