Local bloke, Andy Madden, has shocked everyone today by cracking open a room-temperature bottle of red wine and sharing it with some platonic female acquaintances.

“Who’s ready for some pinoooooot?” he asks in a friendly, relatable tone that could easily make him look a bit gay, even though he isn’t.

“Me!” says his female friends in unison, in an equally jovial manner because they feel empowered by having a male friend who doesn’t subscribe to the toxic and often exclusive stereotypes of Australian masculinity.

While Andy admits to being partial to the concept of cracking only cold ones with only the boys, he says it’s also quite liberating to do the same with female friends.

“You just learn so much stuff. As a single bloke, I really benefit from these kinds of friendships”

“sometimes I do it with a mixed group of male and female friends too”

After several bottles of red wine and a great catch-up, Andy says his goodbyes and tells the girls to have fun on the rest of their night out together.

He says now that he’s touched base with the girls over a couple warms ones, it’s time to find the boys and have the coldest one that was ever fucking invented.

“Hopefully we’ll have a couple fuckin’ round ones too”

“Maybe some hot ones!”


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