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The birth of Khloe Kardashian’s first child has been a trending topic in Betoota’s Twittersphere since the announcement, not only because citizens are happy for Khloe’s newfound motherhood, but because of her choice of name. For those who have been living under a rock, Khloe named her daughter, True.

While some experts have been left dumbfounded as to why Khloe chose this particular adjective, sources close to the family have revealed exclusively to The Advocate that the Kardashian clan are in fact looking to construct an entire sentence out of their kids’ names.

“So, it was Kris who came up with it. She thought ‘wouldn’t it be fantastic to call your children names that confused people, like, are you asking for directions or calling your child?’” revealed an ex-makeup artist of Kris’s.

“And that’s how it began. Then one day Kim said ‘what if all our children’s names made a sentence? Wouldn’t that literally just be the best thing ever?’”

As it stands, the sentence currently reads as “True, North Chicago is really Stormi, Saint said it was just a Dream” however our source also revealed that the next child will likely be a pronoun or a verb to allow more creativity in the sentence, which Oxford University language expert, Boris Haut, agrees with.

“Every sentence needs a verb and a subject, so they’ve already covered the subject – they could take the sentence up a notch if they had a strong, versatile verb like ‘was’ or ‘are’. I’m excited to see where they take the sentence next.”

So are we, Boris, so are we.

More to come.


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