A Betoota-based Instagram influencer / entrepreneur has today been left feeling underwhelmed, after learning that a photo of her long-term boyfriend doesn’t do as well as a photo of her in lingerie

Alexis Rose, a 22-year-old non-agency model says she is bewildered by the response from her fan base.

“I thought they were honestly invested in Lexi as a human being, not just a product” she says, awkwardly referring to herself, as a brand, in third person.

“I just wanted to fill them in on the life – and introduce them to Jason.”

“Just so they know who it is behind the camera…”

“Haha just another day in the life of Lexi”

The photo, which shows her goofy arse boyfriend Jason eating breakfast like an idiot, was even captioned in a way that made him look like a little bitch.

“Breakfast with this one” writes the caption, in a daring debut of that loser that everyone instinctively hates because they are jealous of him.

The photo has garnered less than 1000 likes, a personal low for lexi.

“I just don’t get it, Jase looks so good in this pic”

This isn’t the first time Alexis has been left surprised by the follower base, in November last year she was shocked to find out that the 52.2k Instagram users, of mostly teenage boys and tradesmen, weren’t too interested in her opinion on the Trump election. It was her first and last political post




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