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Though it’s been nearly a decade since Sam Willhelm first raised his eyebrows and smiled at Dave Mulholland as they walked past each other in a maths department corridor of South Betoota Technical, the pair shared pleasantries after bumping into each other in the town’s bustling financial district this afternoon.

Sam, now a mover and shaker in the desert capital’s bespoke stockbroking industry, revealed to The Advocate that he initially tried to dodge Dave by slipping into a Queen Street sushi train but got spotted.

“Ha ha! Hey Sambo! How are ya legend? Fuck bro, it’s been ages!” said Dave as he slapped Sam’s back a few too many times and a bit too hard.

“Ha ha! Yeah Davo mate, how’ve ya been? Where you working, mate?” said Sam, just trying to be polite.

“Yeah just down at ANZ bro. Not doing much just crunching numbers and shit, you know? What about you?”

“Oi yeah, mate. Same sort a shit, mate. Private asset management and all that shit, you know? Good pay, but. Not capital city Claude Monet, but some good skrilla none the less, but.”

The duo finished their painful conversation with a hollow promise to catch up for a beer, despite both of them not really wanting to see each other ever again.

However, both of them came to the shocking realisation moments after that they’ll be doing it all over again at the 10-year reunion next year.

More to come.



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