The hard work of redesigning a website has met another dire snag for Betoota development group, Tech Suite Ltd, who it has been reported was sent last minute changes from the client in the form of a jpg on a Microsoft Word document, readable only on the 2003 version of the word processor.

The document in question contains an augmented version of the client’s logo with a different font sitting above the previous one within an opaque text box and coloured lines that appear to be done on Paint. This image is followed by red text in all caps that reads;


According to designer Sara Moore (32) this is the kind of behaviour she has come to expect from her client, Miller’s Plums.

“This guy just does not get it. He wanted a scrolling bar on the side of the website that says ‘Miller’s Plums’ over and over again. Never should have leant him that Byron Sharpe book, it’s fucked with his head.”

Miller’s Plum’s brand manager James Gauci (55) is responsible for most of the last minute changes which are usually sent in the form of a title-less email and on one occasion, on a USB he sent in the mail.

“I don’t get why he’s hired us, he’s telling us exactly what to do. I just don’t think he knows how to do it himself. He uses a Dell laptop to send emails from an AOL account on Internet Explorer but he’s the one telling us how his website should look.”

For Gauci, this type of resistance is exactly the sort of thing you deal with when working with ‘creative types.’

“It’s a bit of them not understanding my needs. With respect, I think I know a bit more about selling plums than they do. I want to be the Apple of plums and they just don’t see that.”

“At the end of the day, I’m an internets [sic] user. Surely that gives me just as much right to critique to work done for me by a team of trained professionals.”

Gauci plans on addressing these points with Tech Suite Ltd, at the monthly meeting he has scheduled with them on his Leunig calendar.


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