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March was a momentous month for Simon Archerfield.

He got promoted, then his wife gave birth to his little future Wallaby a week later.

Feeling on top of the world has he strode out of the only private maternity hospital in leafy East Betoota, the 41-year-old was stopped at reception by the registrar and asked to select a Major League Baseball team hat out of a cardboard box before he left.

“I went with the Yankees,” said the local Vodaphone senior executive vice president product manager.

“It just jumped out at me. Almost went with Boston but the ‘B’ just isn’t iconic enough, you know?”

“The registrar also recommended I go down to RM Williams and get a puffer vest, a nice pair of lightweight moleskins and some custom boots so I look especially upper-middle when I hit the strip down the French Quarter.”

Equally as pleased with how life is shaping out is Simon’s wife, Amy, who explained to The Advocate that she also got an MLB cap when she recovered from the cesarian procedure a few days later.

However, much to the chagrin of her upper-middle-management husband, the young mother went with an LA Dodger cap.

“I’ve got really blue eyes so I went with a really blue hat,” she laughed.

“Causes a bit of contention on game day but it’s just playful banter. His Yankees are like a second child to him and the Dodgers are basically like my church,”

“But it’s nice to see little Pinecone wearing a Yankees cap like his father, a boy should always follow the same sporting teams as his father.”

More to come.




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