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A popular junior producer on Channel 10’s runaway success show, The Bachelorette, was spotted after filming wrapped on last night’s episode enjoying her first cigarette in almost five years.

Amy Dunhill, a line producer on the show, told The Advocate that one that particular night the episode was filmed, she was forced to have some lung candy in a Sydney gutter moments after dealing with ‘Ryan’s’ reaction to getting booted off the programme by Sophie Monk.

“He was pretty bad, like he was swearing at us and shit,” said Dunhill.

“Demanding things like beer and nibbles and stuff. But, um like, you’re not on the show anymore buddy. We don’t work for you anymore. Though, seriously but, though. He wouldn’t take no for an answer,”

“So my boss had to be all like, ‘You’re booked to go on Fitzroy and Whopper the morning after this episode is broadcast. So like try and launch a social media career there, maybe so a few speaking gigs and then probably enjoy going back to your old job. See ya, mate.”

However, despite putting on a brave face in front of the said contestant and her superiors, Amy said she was left rattled by the experience.

So rattled, in fact, she walked across the road to a newsagency and paid almost $40 for a packet of top-shelf cigarettes.

“I just needed to feel that releasing burn again race through my lungs, like getting a Chinese burn from a boy you like in primary school,” Amy said.

“I don’t think I’ll start again, I just needed to stop my hands from shaking. There’s only so much Cloud Bay Sav Blanc in the world. Sometimes a Marlborough dry white is best accompanied by a box of Jatz, a wheel of soft cheese and a Marlboro.”

More to come.


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