When you’re drunkenly walking, the last thing you need is to run into someone from high school.

Especially if they were the chirpy, slightly annoying dux who’d get up and preach about the dangers of peer pressure and alcohol every assembly.

Unfortunately for local man Robert Zeikus [26],  the shame he felt drunkenly staggering past people on their way to work was heightened to a whole new level of mortification, when he eyed his former classmate heading his way.

Robert had attempted to look at the ground as soon as he recognised the blurry figure coming towards him, but given his hazey state, his reflexes were a little slow – resulting in him looking away just as he met the crystal clear eyes of Brooke Beresford. As the air hung heavy with awkward silence, he’d  internally debated whether he should cut his losses and offer a tight lipped smile of acknowledgement, or double down with his rudeness and forge ahead.

However, his decision was unfortunately made for him, when Brooke took the opportunity to stage an impromptu high school reunion.

It’s unknown whether Brooke was being genuinely nice or if she’d taken sadistic pleasure holding up an obviously blazed Robert, but the exchange was brutal nonetheless.

“Hey mate how are you? Long time no see huh?”

“Whatcha been up to? Big night hahahaha?”

“Yeah just on my way to work, wish I could spend my Sundays out on the town but I have to get up pretty early. You know how law firms are.”

“You alright mate, your eyes are a bit red? Haven’t been crying have you haha.”

More to come.


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