29 June, 2016. 11:45

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PRIME MINISTER MALCOLM TURNBULL has confirmed that a party boat that went missing of Koh Samui in Thailand last month was intercepted off the coast of Christmas Island.

A border protection source has told The Advocate a vessel was intercepted by the Navy in the early hours of Monday morning.

In May, a Thai party boat went missing off the coast of popular tourist destination Koh Samui, which prompted a widescale search operation that failed to spot the craft.

Officials from border security raided the boat and seized over three-hundred ecstasy tablets, a kilogram of low-grade animal tranquiliser and a pound of cannabis. The illicit substances were taken as evidence.

Though having mixed feelings about piracy and border violations, PM Malcolm Turnbull is being urged to have a heart.

“This is the first of many boatloads of people displaced by the Brexit, we anticipate many more,” said Turnbull.

“The Scots have long been persecuted in their region, so I implore every Australian to welcome them with open arms,”

“There are plans to resettle them in the existing Scottish enclaves of North Bondi, Bondi Junction in my Sydney electorate and New Farm and West End is Brisbane. Hopefully, most of them will be working in bars by Christmas.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Association of Australia has pleaded with the Government to fast track the visas of these people as they’ve already suffered enough.

“Ey es like nock man wonna com down unda? Ney it’s common bampot Turnbull right gammon takker ney!” she said.

“May be ney right boggin Bondi but wee nelly fine. Harry hoofters down city way but hoora good.”

“Ney buckie but.”



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