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NEXT MONDAY MORNING, 21-year-old Dominic Haziz is flying to The Netherlands on his first ever business trip – in fact, he’s even flying business class.

But he’s just one of many young Australians taking advantage of the generous small business tax concessions that were in this year’s budget.

Earlier this year, the Logan native took his business idea to a series of investors, who either laughed him out of the room, or threatened to call the police.

However, on the first Friday of this month, Dominic found a venture capitalist who decided to take him on.

“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, there’s been ups and downs but we’re here now. Making money the old-fashioned way,” he said.

“The first round of money that came in two weeks ago was used to pay for the seven gangland executions in Logan last week, to eliminate any competition. My investor was quite adamant that I get a 95% market share by the end of Q1 2017,”

“We had most low-level suppliers and sellers dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and shot twice in the head for about $5k a throw, but it was money well spent. Most recently, the company has invested in a pill press, three Nike bumbags and a late model Subaru. I’ve also been able to get ahold of a Glock 23, which I will use as protection. Now I’m headed to Holland to see how the pros make the product.” he said.

The product Mr Haziz is referring to is nothing alien to those who agree that ice cream is going to save the day and the few who just want to dance with their shirt off.

According to a 2015 drug and alcohol survey, the MDMA trade in Australia has been dominated by capsules in recent years, with the popularity of the humble pill waning since 2010.

Haziz is looking to change that, saying that disco biscuits are making a resurgence.

“Hopefully by late next year, I’ll have most of the party drug market share in the Brisbane to Gold Coast corridor,” he said.

“So soon you’ll have no option than to buy my pingas, because caps will be rarer than a Vegan Samoan.”

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