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Jerry Antoniou is a self-described “adrenaline junkie” who spends his afternoons taking part in high-speed rollerblading at local boardwalks.

Jerry is 42-years-old and has been to three different Nickelback concerts in three different international cities. He owns thirteen different types of fedora hats and three variations of Crocs.

“I don’t know what it is, I’ve just always been good with the laydayz (sic)” the serial womaniser told the Betoota Advocate.

“I read The Game a while ago, but to be honest.. I didn’t really need to,”

The Betoota Advocate interviewed Jerry to figure out just how he does it. We found him in the basement of his father’s house, eating Doritos and playing World Of Warcraft.

“Welcome to ma mancave,” Jerry greets us.

After offering us a homemade “7 up Slurpee”, Jerry went on to describe his unique skill set, one that has seen him engage in consensual sexual intercourse with over 500 women.

“Number 1… Cologne. A lot of it,” said Jerry.

“Number 2… Fashion. Get it right,”

“If you are dressed the part, the ladies will come to YOU. I usually go for the cargo shorts, amphibious toed shoes, Jet Pilot t-shirt and the fedora, of course,”

“If I see a group of fine looking phillies… I’ll tip my fedora at them. That’s usually all it takes,”

Leading men’s health expert, Dr Julian Huxley, has also given comment on what he described as “the perfect storm of female desire” – Jerry Antonio.

“It is amazing” said Dr Julian Huxley.

“The fact of the matter is, everything works in Jerry’s favour. His fashion, his scent (LYNX Africa), his interests. They all appeal to women,”

“If you are reading this, the bottom line is, Jerry gets more action than you,”

“It isn’t extravagance that sees him making love to this many women. It’s style,”

“Rollerblading is still very much one of those things that make young women weak at these knees. Even when it is being performed by a balding and overweight 40-something,”

If you would like to do well with the ladies, or men, you can gauge some of Jerry Antoniou’s fashion sense at this iconic online retailer.




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