"You can work from home and make $8000 a week". PHOTO: NSW Police

3 February, 2015. 13:45

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BRAD McKinley earns $900,000 a year. He drives an Audi and eats at high-class restaurants every night of the week. He plans to semi-retire by July.

He’s not an executive or a CEO.

Not a barrister, surgeon or an engineer.

Mr McKinley, 24, imports and distributes cocaine – one of Australia’s fastest growing industries.

His career in the illicit drug trade started when he was just 16.

“My cousin Hazim asked me if I wanted to earn a bit of money over summer,” Mr McKinley said.

“All I had to do was deliver “bags” to people and collect the money,”

“He said I’d be a good dealer so he cut me into his business,”

Three months later, Mr McKinley was buying commercial quantities of the banned substance – which he began cutting with glucose and speed to maximise his profits.

Mr McKinley says once downside of his job is he has to carry multiple mobile phones. PHOTO: Australian Federal Police
Mr McKinley says once downside of his job is he has to carry multiple mobile phones. PHOTO: Australian Federal Police

At the end of 2012, he graduated high school and planned to study journalism at university.

“I was looking down the barrel of a life living paycheque to paycheque,”

“My parents were disappointed when they discovered I was living in a Newtown share-house with a group of underachievers, I used to be quite a slob”

Within six months, he dropped out of his journalism studies at Sydney University to focus on building his narcotics empire.

“I knew I was on to something,”

“Every party I’d go to, the law students would get a little “pissy” and before I knew it, they’d be on the phone ‘sorting out some bags’,”

“The money they were paying was ridiculous,”

Last year, Mr McKinley was able to import, cut and distribute over half a tonne of Class-A Medellín cocaine – which netted him gross sales of over $14.64m. He attributes his success to hard work, a passion for helping people and always putting the business first.

He said it was a happy moment when he was finally able to move away from Newtown and back to Darling Point, where he purchased his first home.

“Of course, it’s not all profit. I’ve re-invested most of it,” he said.

“What I offer is a professional, boutique operation – delivery comes included but you can’t put a price on good, old-fashioned service,”

“It’s the little things like paying off the AFP and the wharfies that add up,”

With a leader like Mr McKinley, it’s not surprising his young street dealers are keen to follow in his footsteps.

After Mr McKinley’s amazing story was revealed by Sydney Confidential and went viral, he was quick to take to social media and thank the many people he has worked with.

“The success is not only mine,” he said on his Instagram account.

“My team are the most important part of my business,”

“They are my family and I would like to thank them all for making the business what it is today and I am glad to have them working with me and being in my life too.”


  1. One of these days he will discover that if he cannot prove to the ATO where and how he got his money, then i will be confiscated and he will get to keep none of it. N

    • I think your wrong N, Brad is a smart guy and obviously has plans set to avoid the ATO. Brad is a good guy I know him personally and he is really nice and has never let me down

      • Yeah I agree M, hopefuly the ATO can leave him alone and let him run hes business.

        Not shore why his getting so much dislike in the comments section, obviously people are unaware how to be succesful in society today and are a bit jelous. His not even hurting anyone so what is the problem with you people?

        Meanwhile its not fair what the Goverment are doing to people from Penriff – we are hard working people, why don’t we get some money from the Goverment?

  2. Well, we can’t all get a dodgy free $60,000 scholarship at a design school because of who our daddy is, so we need to sell coke.

  3. What I find absolutely amazing is that he can be so overt about what and how he is earning his megabucks. Where are the police? I operate by the philosophy “first do no harm” Obviously this guy does not care about the damage his ‘product’ causes.

  4. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and how can you post the success of a dealer when all he does is ruins peoples lives. I myself have been an addict for 19 years and finally got out of it on my own but had to hit rock bottom, sold everything i had, almost lost my family and friends and realized that the although I was at fault for giving these type of people business, these people are SCUM and only think of money and what they have , not how their “product” or “business” can affect lives and even kill. Pathetic if you ask me, try and use your brain and have some self respect and for others, how can you HELP people with what you do!!! you only help yourself, how do you sleep at night. How can this guy share this and the police not do anything about it! we need to get all drug dealers off our streets and behind bars where maybe there they will use their brain and learn something worthy and make a living doing something GOOD!

  5. I guess if you have time to interview him and get an insight of his ‘success’ then why hasnt the AFP arreested him and out him behind bars? dirty cops

  6. Omg dont hate in this guy. His obviously an entrepreneur and j even if it’s a but ollegal it’d the govs fault for making stuff so expensive and forcing him to crime . more power to him I say . would def party with him lol. Audis are siiiikk
    Get it done Playa!

  7. its all bullshit.

    1. The Medellin cartel got shut down years ago.
    2. It’s usually not cut with glucose or speed. They do cut it but not with that.

    Medellin Cartel finished when this boy was probably still in nappies.

  8. He is a drug dealer, full stop, and obviously not a very smart one at that. Making public your VERY illegal actions, what a tool. For those that agree with his actions, I hope your overdose, as there is no place in this world for people that get off with supplying others ILLEGAL drugs. Enjoy your days looking over your shoulder or not going anyware without others around you. Your time is limited.

  9. Wow ha ha some people are so stupid. if your too old/stupid to realise this is a fake/fun article then you shouldn’t be on the Internet.

  10. BRAD McKinley is an Australian success story and its that drive and can-spirit I admire so much among the Americans I am presently hob-nobbing with here in Washington DC.
    This is precisely the type of entrepreneurship and income stream I was advising young Australians to pursue when I told them the key to buying a house in Sydney was to get a better job. Now I must tootle as I have to throw another shrimp on the Barbie. I invited my best mate Donald Trump and the lovely Melania around for dinner. It will be Yhyuuge!
    Your roving Ambassador to the US of A

  11. Half a tonne (500kg) at a street price of $250 000 a kg is $125m gross revenue not $4.6m. Looks like the author of this article also dropped out of uni.

  12. Question for Errol Parker: in the photo of Mr McKinley in his Audi, he’s sitting on the left with the steering wheel in plain sight, yet he is in Australia. What are we to believe, that this is some kind of car with a detachable steering wheel ? Boy, I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder


  13. Gross revenue includes cost of goods sold. Please study your accounting before interfering with the drug trade.

    Priorities sir


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