30 May, 2016. 14:34

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TAWNEE IS A LYING DOG CUNT and Wayne can’t seem to keep his dick out of her best friend.

That’s all that two office workers have been able to establish as the argument between two junkies entered its third minute this morning in Sydney.

54-year-old private wealth manager Sam Dunkirk and a 21-year-old law clerk Liam Watson shared a ‘man nod’ this morning, after they both stumbled upon this junkie fight – acknowledging that it’s highly entertaining and hilariously tragic.

“Look at them go,” said Sam, smiling and nodding at Liam.

“Last time I saw these fucking smackies, the girl one spat on the bloke and he went ahead and stomped on her meth pipe,” said Liam.

“She hollered and moaned like someone would if they got run over by a slow-moving steamroller legs first. It was fucking grouse,” he said.

“I saw that bloke over there was enjoying the screaming match as much as I was, so we shared a nod and a smile,” said Liam.

Local junkies Tawnee Stone and Wayne Dang are an on and off couple who enjoy the simple life, like sleeping in various parks around inner Sydney and smoking or injecting whatever they can get their mitts on.

Speaking candidly this morning to the ABC this morning, Ms Stone agrees that life on the streets is made harder when ‘normies’ stop and laugh when you’re having a public freakout.

Wayne was also supportive of Tawnee’s comments, saying that these ‘cleanskins’ are quick to judge.

“Most of these reptilian cunt bag lizards in their ties just laugh at me when I’m sick,” she said.

“And when fucken Wayne is holding out on me, it just makes me so fuckin’ angry like fuck me,”

“But he can be a sweet cunt but, he gave me a point once when I got real sick when the dog cunts cut me off at Centrelink,” she screamed.

Backing her up, Wayne said that they’re more functional than people believe.

“Yeah well guess what, you fucking cunt. I got Tawnee some fuckin bubbles for her last fuckin birthday and a fucken gram of that sea salt shit that bikies smoke,” said Wayne.

“Fuck the lot of you, one day Jesus will come back and electrocute the ocean so you all fucking die like the monkeys in Africa, you fucks. You’ll all have to pay your respects to the lizard god. Fuck you.” he said.




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