NRL players do not deserve the riches of the new broadcast deal, frustrated clubs executives believe.

The Courier-Mail can reveal club officials plan to lobby the Todd Greenberg NRL CEO to come good on the promise made by the code in 2014 that would see $2 million dedicated to helping players remove the word “youse” from their vocabulary.

“Youse” is listed in Urban Dictionary.com as:

An Australian collective noun describing a group of people. The word has a similiar meaning to “You Guys”.

E.g “I’ll see youse all later”, “Love youse all”, “What are youse doing tonight”

A word made popular by working class Australia, “youse” is often described as the epitome of Australian laziness.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has spoken out against the word several times in recent years.

“Why do Cameron Smith and Jonathon Thurston have to say ‘youse’ when they give their captain’s speeches?”

“It’s just so crass. Can’t they say ‘you guys’ or ‘you all’… It’s a big contributor to Australia’s culture cringe,”

“It’s so Queensland. More than a tramp stamp on the back of a Gold Coast Harley.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull admits he had never heard the word before visiting the Western Suburbs of Sydney late last month.

“I’d never heard anyone talk like that before. It’s certainly not a word you would hear in my electorate… Unless you are talking to tradespeople or watching an old Jeff Fenech fight on Youtube,”

“I for one am a big supporter of the NRL’s initiative,”

“I am currently in talks with the Honorable Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, to see if we can’t implement special programs in our schools, universities and TAFE campuses to have this word removed from our national vocabulary forever,”

“It is of the utmost importance that the Australian people strive to at least sound kinda educated,”


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