Bill McClymont says his wife, Suzie is a "shell of what she used to be"
Bill McClymont says his wife, Suzie is a “shell of what she used to be”

30 January, 2015. 19:48

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A GOLD COAST family have today publicly announced that they will no longer have anything to do with their eighteen-year-old son, after his “disgraceful display of commonness”.

But, what did he do? William got drunk and accidentally revealed his new “Southern Cross” tattoo to his parents.

Bill and Suzie McClymont, former wine-growers from Stanthorpe, have lived on the Gold Coast for five years now – after an early retirement saw the family take a “seachange” while their youngest child was still in high school.

However it seems the McClymonts are regretting the decision more and more each day. As Bill puts it, five years on the Gold Coast was “more than enough time for the boy to turn feral”.

The issue at hand: William McClymont's new Southern Cross tattoo
The issue at hand: William McClymont’s new Southern Cross tattoo

“He’s done some stupid shit before… drink driving, punching on at school, smoking dope… you name it. He’s always been high maintenance,”

“… but I was a bit like that as a young bloke. I never thought he’d do this – it’s the first time I’ve seen one of the boys make their mother cry,” says a distraught Bill McClymont when describing his son’s latest “f**k-up”.

“A southern cross tattoo? Are you f**king kidding me?!”

Mr McClymont says his wife has been in a state of shock since the discovery on Australia Day.

“It was probably the worst way for her to see it, he’s gone and come home flogged from [Surfer’s Paradise], with an Aussie flag draped over his shoulders and no shirt on. The little shit let his guard down and we saw it. His brother’s weren’t impressed. I was ropable… his mother is a shell of what she used to be,”

Teddy, the oldest of the four McClymont boys, said the situation became toxic when his youngest sibling refused to take part in the resolution put forward by his older brothers.

“I could see mum was a wreck and Dad was ready to kill the little prick. We came up with an idea…” said Teddy, a bricklayer from Upper Coomera

William's brothers are just as upset as his parents. [from left] Teddy, Joe and Pete.
William’s brothers are just as upset as his parents. [from left] Teddy, Joe and Pete.
“I said we would remove the tattoo from his back on the spot – either that or he could go and get f**ked. Sure, it’s pretty brutal – but you should have seen our folks… ”

“Anyway, he refused our proposition. He started banging on about how he was proud to be an Aussie or some shit… going on about how us taking off the tatt with a cheese-grater was ten times worse than him getting it in the first place,”

“We had to ask him to leave before Pete (second oldest brother) knocked his f**king teeth out.”

Mr McClymont and his three remaining sons have stated that the family have told William that he is no longer welcome in the family home.

“We’ve stopped paying for his phone bill, car rego, all that shit. He’s not welcome here anymore… if it wasn’t for his mother’s bleeding heart I would have had him removed from our health insurance as well,”

“He knows the score… either the tattoo goes or we spend the rest of our life pretending he never existed.”


  1. He needs a bit of a shock like this, an ultimatum to make him realise the pain and shame he has brought on his family in the last few years. People like this can still come good but it usually takes either jail time, a run-in with the wrong people or their own family to stand up and say enough is enough. He now has a choice: his family or the wasteful existence that he currently leads, which is causing them undeserved grief. In Japan, the family would have done this long ago and redemption/forgiveness wouldn’t really be an option

  2. For heavens sake these parents need to move with the times, tattoos are a fashion statement these days and most of the young have them, I myself dislike tattoos and would never have one and hoped that my kids wouldn’t get one, but at the end of the day the boy is 18 and can make the decision himself, I would be more worried about drug, drinking and violence, to disown him because of a tattoo is something I can’t comprehend, it is the choice of the person who’s body it is, a lot of us parents don’t agree with it but it is not our choice, one of my children has had a few done, as I said before I don’t like them and it is my choice not to have one, but I have not disowned my child because she chose to have them.

  3. That is disgraceful. People make mistakes and sometimes they are worse than others but disowning your son for a tattoo? That is just ridiculous.

    • Sorry Alex but it’s not just any tattoo. If he’d got a tramp stamp or a sleeve it would have been bad but the Southern Cross tattoo just signifies bogan. Frankly I would have liked to have seen it cheese-grated off by his brothers…I’m glad to see the family taking a stand on this

      • So you would rather your daughter come home with a dirty fucking tramp stamp on her lower back. Then your son to come home with some harmless fucking stars?

  4. So are you saying that fighting ,drink driving and smokin weed are ok but a tattoo that symbolizes the down under way of life is not , I may have misunderstood .

  5. Treat him as dead, they have other sons whats the problem? Standards are standards first it’s a tattoo then who knows. Set the line hard and fast

  6. I had a simliar situation with my boy after he came home from one of those bloody B&S balls a couple years back with a “100% Aussie Beef Tattoo” on his arse. Couple of cold July nights out in the wool shed really sorted him out though, thats for sure.

  7. I think the parents need to pull there heads in and the brothers your a disgrace to do that to your own flesh and blood
    There might be more to the story that we don’t know about but it’s a tattoo it’s something he has to live with not the parents or brothers
    The kid is 18 let him be a teenager you learn from your mistakes in life
    But to kick him out of home and make him not welcome I hope to god he doesn’t end up dead because you wouldn’t support him in his decisions in life

  8. Is this for real? There is more serious shit going on in the world and these parents are worried about a southern cross tattoo!! They need to get a life obviously aren’t fair dinkum Aussies and I don’t care how boggen that sounds.

  9. Love for your children should be beyond tattoos and all the rest. If anything happened to this boy would this really matter that he had a tattoo? And whatever else he has done! Family are supposed to support and help their children. This news and airing your laundry on for the world to see is a display of embarrassment to everyone involved. I feel for the son.

  10. I’m glad we have families taking a public stance on this issue. Our son Warren changed his name to Aamir last August and has the Shahada flag draped on the wall in his room, we strongly disagree with these extremist groups he is mixed up in, but we believe he will grow out of this adolescent phase of rebellion.

    But if his mother and i caught him with a permanent ISIS flag or Southern cross tattoo, we’d march the prick shirtless to Bunnings on a Saturday, grab a sausage, an Oxy-Torch and hold a DIY clinic on how to discipline your kid.

  11. You don’t like the Southern Cross because some bogans made racist comments and committed racist acts in a riot, and some of them had the tattoo.

    So, you’re suggesting anyone who has this tattoo is bogan, and equally racist.

    That is the dumbest logic i have ever come across. I had this tattoo before the riots. Am i racist and bogan? No. You are simply moronic for thinking this way. You are part of whats wrong with society.

  12. I, too, have a shitbag of a son who came home from a party with a bogan tattoo. He spent 2 nights chained to the hills hoist, whining like a bastard, before he agreed to let me scrub it off with steel wool. The pussy kept crying while I did it too, so much for the tough guy. Fair enough the tattoo was only temporary, and it was of the Power Rangers logo not a Southern Cross, but still it was disrespectful. He turns 7 this year so I have to get in early before he goes 100% feral.

  13. Typical anti Australian rubbish. It tried so desperately hard to be funny too

    What kind of non-talent do you even have writing for you anymore? I know this is old but I haven’t seen much good since then


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