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AS NETFLIX COMES through on its promise to shut the door on Australian VPN users,  consumers have hit back, saying that they wouldn’t have to circumvent geo-blocking if the local catalogue was as comprehensive and satisfying as the American one.

The Australian version of Netflix has six times less content and costs more.

One local subscriber has likened the situation to having a fridge full of vegetables, grains, fruits and juices – which won’t kill you, it’s just that normal people need a bit of meat.

Any that’s where the problem lies within. There is no meat in the Australian version of Netflix. It’s the equivalent of being offered a double bacon cheeseburger but decided to have a cucumber sandwich instead.

Former meat and livestock advocate, Sam Neil, has described the dire situation in a letter to the New Zealand Herald this morning.

“The battle they’re fighting is futile, this is always the case when you pit socialism against capitalism,” wrote Neil.

“Eating red meat is what separated us from the other great apes. If you force Australian and New Zealandese audiences to watch the smorgasbord of sustained mediocrity that Netflix Australia peddles out, we’re not going to evolve like other audiences.”

In response to this legal power play by the content distributor, many Australians have said they’re just going to go back to pirating TV shows and movies – because it’s free and better.

Soft-handed and unconfident Brisbane lawyer, Greg Bahn said he tried to watch The Great Gatsby last night, only to find it wasn’t available through his Netflix subscription, despite the movie being made here.

“I couldn’t get it so I just downloaded it. I know it’s illegal but so is speeding in a school zone and I sometimes to that,” said Bahn.

“You can’t even watch Australian movies on it. Last week, I suddenly decided I wanted to watch Paperback Hero with Hugh Jackman again. Nope sorry.”




  1. Yes I agree that Netflix has gone to shit but clearly you’ve never tried vegan food! It’s definitely not all cucumber sandwiches (I fricken hate cucumber) 😉

  2. As a vegetarian and netflix lover with a fridge that’s lacking in food this title confuses me entirely. “Normal people” does not mean meat eaters, what’s with this fucking meat agenda and hate on people trying to make better changes in their life. Stupid article.

  3. Fucking stupid article I’m vegan and can say my fridge is packed full of meat replacements, and to pay someone out for making better choices in life just cause your to weak to do it is bloody rude!! To even use the hole vegetation thing in this is so stupid ahh people these days

  4. Hahaha, the butthurt vegans and vego’s in the comment section are the best part of this article!
    How sad do you have to be to get so upset and offended over something like that? XD

  5. The fuck does socialism have to do with it?
    Socialism would be like just using Putlocker and having more content than both versions of Netflix without paying for any of it.

  6. This article fails at analogy. Comparing content streaming ‘deals’ as we approach 2017 to the eating habits of what humans evolved from, of whom are extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago? Are you trying to say that the full meat eating US Netflix is hundreds of thousands of years behind the times? Who uses things that we did eons ago to say that’s what tech savvy people are demanding today? Wake up and smell the article fail. Wikipedia shows hundreds of percent increases in vegetarian and vegan diet in US, Canada, and Australia population samples, maybe it’s the author that is behind the times?


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