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In an effort to avoid public drunkenness and unwanted scenes of unrest, New South Wales Premier Mike Baird and his Queensland counterpart, Annastacia Palaszczuk, have confirmed this morning that police in both states have been advised to use “healthy stereotypes” on Australia Day – in an effort to provide crowd control during public celebrations.

“There is no reason to get offended. You can wave the flag, you can wear it on a T-shirt, you can wear it on a hat. But if you wear it as a cape, we will ask you to remove it,”

“We aren’t looking for your average Aussie bloke, we are targeting the obnoxious crumbs from the suburbs. The ones that fill up on Mexican beer and become boisterous,” says Baird, who was in Brisbane this morning to show support for Campbell Newman in his upcoming election bout.

“These are the blokes that gave Cronulla a bad name, these are the ones that blur the line between patriotic and hateful. You can drink as much piss as you want but if you are doing it while wearing an Australian flag as a cape… expect to be targeted,”

Cronulla, 2006: The day "flag-capes" played an orchestrative roll in inciting a race riot
Cronulla, 2006: The day “flag-capes” played a pivotal role in inciting a race riot

Annastacia Palaszczuk made sure to second Baird’s comments.

“Obviously, Queensland police will be a bit more hands-on in this process. But in all honesty, you can wear anything you want on the day. Australian flag aprons are fine – in fact I would encourage people to wear aprons – they are so classic,”

“As for flag-capes, it is common knowledge that the people who wear these things are the type of people we don’t want sitting next to us at a beach picnic. The Queensland police will be targeting them and if any hostility arises, they will be responding accordingly,”

“Tasers, pepper spray, handcuffs, whatever it takes. We have them armed to the teeth to avoid this kind of sh*t. But that’s for the worst case scenarios. I daresay most of the punters will just be asked to take the cape off.”

Many “Australian Civil Rights” groups have come out in protest to these remarks, with the dwindling Australian Defence League stating that “it’s racism to white people”.

Mike Baird has taken the time to respond to these claims while speaking to the Betoota Advocate today.

“I can see how it looks like we are discriminating against people, but we aren’t. There is no reason to get offended. You can wave the flag, you can wear it on a T-shirt, you can wear it on a hat. But if you wear it as a cape, we will ask you to remove it,”

“If you don’t have a shirt underneath, our police will provide you with some cool surf-brand t-shirts. We have all the groovy labels: Quiksilver, Hot Tuna, Piping Hot. No need for unrest, just do what you’re told.”

Bondi Beach, Sydney. Usually a hot-spot for "Flag-Capes" on Australia Day
Bondi Beach, Sydney. Usually a hot-spot for “Flag-Capes” on Australia Day


  1. what has our once great country come to?

    WOW! The government will not tell me how to proudly wear my flag. I had zero to do with the Cronulla riots and will never be held responsible for others actions.

    This is why our curupt police continue to victimise Our very freedoms that so many have died to achieve on our behalf. Because the authority above them give then the power to victimise.

    The very thing that made this once great country is what is now taking away what I as an Australian born and bred knew it to be. Multiculturalism!

    This is in no way a racist remark as I too am an ethnic (apparently). It seams the more freedoms we graciously provide for those that want a better way of life are given at the expense on born and bred Aussies. I for one am fed up with so many (I believe a very large majority) people coming here because they are not safe in their own land and then they want to turn it into what they were so desperate to leave.

    I will wear my flag as a cape a hat a shirt or even a friggin nappy if I choose.

    I am a proud Australian and I have had enough.

  2. I have always draped the flag around my shoulders as a cape I will do it again this year and if you do not like it to bloody bad there is no law about it so I will keep doing it and if a police man asks me to take it off he will be told no if he wants to make an issue out of it that will be their problem it is my right to display the Australian flag any way I want as long it is with respect and if I catch any one disrespect the Australian flag god bloody help them

  3. So exactly which piece of legislation states that you can’t not wear a piece of cloth around you as a cape?


  4. piss off!!
    There is no Legislation or criminal act to cover wearing an Aussie flag as a cape..
    Mind your own business!

  5. So what you saying is anyone who wears a cape is someone you don’t want to associate with well that’s typical of you narrow minded pollies not all of us are like that I’m a mother of 3 never been on trouble with the law and I can tell you I will be wearing my bloody cape try and stop me after all it will be Australia day . no one will tell me what I can or can’t wear anyone who has an issue isn’t Australian

  6. This is bloody ridiculous what about all the people in a small town that wear it and dnt do anything except hang with friends and go to the pool. There is no stereotype with wearing a flag. What if a little kid wore it and refused to take it off are you really going to arrest them? It sounds like that people like you are the ones that are making trouble not trying to fix the problem. How about you get out there and meet some that wear it and not only in sydney where that’s all you’s care about is what happens in sydney

  7. I see this as blatant discrimination, taking away peoples right to wear what they like. Can’t the same be said about the Muslim women wearing the full face and body coverings, many people feel threatened by them wearing that. Common sense must prevail, wearing an Australian cape doesn’t cause anti social behaviour, it’s the individual. Don’t tarnish all Australians that wear a cape as racists that are looking for trouble. I find that highly offensive and a breach against our freedoms!!!

  8. You target Aussies wearing a cape ?? It’s one day of the year what about the Muslim women who wear full burka? That offends me to the bone . Campbell Newman you sir a fuckn idiot

  9. I will be wearing my flag any way I choose to wear it, I will not be removing it regardless of what police say, feel free to arrest me, I will go along peacefully and then the law suit will begin, there is no law in Australia that prohibits me wearing a flag as a hat, a cape, a dress a skirt whatever, you have zero chance of making any charge stick if I am acting in a non violent or drunken manner.

    But I will see damages once you arrest me and I suffer my mental break down.

    I have no problem with police targeting trouble makers, but there is no legislation that prohibits me wearing a flag, if you believe all those who wear a flag are dunken trouble makers then I decree all those wearing a burka are terrorists.

    I did not think we put people in stereotype boxes in this country?

    Guess our freedom is slowly being taken from us.


    YOU are on notice Baird!! get out!! and things ain’t looking too grand for you up in Queensland either Newman.

    Too much!!! you jerks are just too much!!

  11. I will wear an Australian flag however I damn well like. I will not be dictated to by anyone including ethnic groups, police or the irresponsible media. Im guessing the police will be targeting trouble makers not people wearing the Australian flag as capes. If it offends u leave. Its Australia Day.

  12. How dare you?
    If somebody decides to wear the flag as a cape, what the hell has it got to do with you or the police?
    In what way is it justified to apply your out of touch, conservative opinion to how somebody wears the flag?
    Mike Baird and Campbell Newman should take a long, hard look at themselves.
    They are ridiculously out of touch and unrealistic.
    The police commissioners in both states should inform them that they are in no way going to comply with such obviously stupid, un-thought out directions.
    Previously I would probably never have even thought of wearing the flag as a cape.
    Now I will be buying one specifically for that purpose and I urge all true Australians to do likewise.
    This type of stupidity from our so called “leaders” needs to be snuffed out.

  13. How dare anyone tell us we cant wear the flag. Why don you go and arrest the people who recent burnt our flag. Cant wati to vote you out, Racist, Ausiephobic

  14. so we are no longer living in a free country .what a disgrace our leaders are .the people will rise up eventually and retake back our country

  15. I am deeply offended by this. No one can tell us what we can do or wear on Australia Day. This is wrong it’s politics gone crazy! The muslims can carry placards and laugh about 9/11 and we are told what to do with our flag. Wake up you pollies Australians are sick of you. Go Pauline Hanson!!!

  16. This is racism and discrimination to the tee!!! I know my rights and if want to wear a flag as a cape then I will. I’ve never caused trouble for anybody, hard working honest Australian. I will have a video camera on me if you try and I’ll show the world that you are trying to deprive me of my civil rights and I know them damn well and you can’t do what you think you can do to us… I’ll even go as far as to lay a lawsuit for deformation against against you. Will live in a democracy, not a dictatorship of censory….

  17. Oh my goodness. The qld government have actually highlighted this as an issue. I was not even familiar with wearing a flag as a cape, to be considered as a problem or as potential antisocial behaviour. This is ridiculous and should have not even been publicly raised as an issue. The qld government are actually causing a “rid for their own back!”

  18. Are you kiddingme!!! Whats next. Just because some odiot was wearing a flag as a cape at Cronulla….which was a shameful day anyway…people are going to be targeted 8 years later…what a crock of bullshit…are they going to do the same to any muslims wearing a flag as a cape….I think not!! No disrespect intended to muslims …but I think this whole muslim vs australians thing is just getting to the point of bloody stupidity.

  19. Who does he think he is? Telling to do as we are told.
    Cathy Freeman wore two flags as capes when she won Olympic Gold, did you complain then?
    If people are drunk and playing up, OK arrest them but NOT for wearing an Australian Flag.

  20. im an Aussie and I will fucking wear MY COUNTRIES FLAG as much as I want and be PROUD as punch to do it as well….

  21. That’s very narrow thinking and it’s Fascism. I don’t know what we can do to stop politicians like Newman and Baird, but it’s important that we do. We are gradually having our personal Freedom taken away from us.

  22. Its not a crime to wrap yourself in your country’s flag you pollys have lost the plot. What about those people in our country who burn our flag are you so worried about law suits that you have forgotten about standing up for your own countrymen. The flag is owned by every Australian we have earned the right to use it however we chose. Remember who put you in your position!

  23. so in my own country I have no rights to wear a flag as a cape??? What the hell is this country coming too!! I’m a hardworking wife and mother and I think it will cause more of a scene if you ask us to remove it.
    If someone feels offended then they shouldn’t be out celebrating Australia Day. It’s for real Australians not for ones who come here for a free ride then slam their beliefs down our throat and think Catholics should go to hell.
    Come on people we are being overtaken by them one city at a time!!
    Governments need to man up or leave the country and let us take care of our country the way it should be.

  24. What a bunch of lilly livered, gutless, pollies in NSW and Qld Is Australia day for f… sake we should be able to wear a blanket of the ANF over us if we want.
    If the mussies were to wear a flag of Iraq or Lebanon would you prevent them I doubt it.Newman you can be sure to get you ass kicked out on the 31st now. Your pathetic the lot of you.

  25. I will be wearing my “if you don’t like it leave” Australian Flag t-shirt as I have for the last 30yrs and If I wanted to wear am Australian flag as a cape I will…

  26. This is bullshit, it’s totally offensive that you would generalise a group or individual as a racist because they are wearing the Australian flag as a cape…

  27. What’s next?…….Won’t be able to display it in public because it may offend the Moslem……….Even at the Lakemba Rally last night, Police targeted the Australian’s, because they feared for their safety ( Fact from one who was escorted very hurriedly from the area )………… This does not make sense………POLICE FEARED FOR THEIR SAFETY…………I thought your Job was to serve and protect………..Who do you serve and who are you protecting…………You know who the EVIL IS, Yet you do NOTHING.

  28. What a load of rubbish. If people acted Australian there would not be any problems. If they do not like our flag and find it offensive, get over it and go home.

    It is about time we stopped bowing to the minority.

    Wake up Australia.

    I do not care if you add my name, I am only to proud to have my name attached to what I say.

  29. So now Aussies can’t wear our flag!!!!!!
    Why should Australia flag offend anyone. Aboriginal & Australia flags should be the only flags seen on Australia day.
    So what if the Muslim show up wearing their flag is that going to be excepted or will they have their flag removed from them ? We aren’t the traitor to our country we are not trying to take over the world they became Australian citizen but they want to change our laws so who’s the traitors . Just dont be to quick to blame our Aussies if any trouble start

  30. “Just do what your told.”

    And that statement before the event.

    Fascism is or was the domain of Communist Russia under Stalin, I now see that the NSW and QLD Police have their training manuals printed in Russia.

    You do not have the right to tell me to take any thing off my person, you will need to arrest me with a crime I am committing and I will then take my turn in a court of law under the constitution of Australia in front of a Judge and a jury of my peers, and I will refuse to acknowledge any court operating under the law of the Sea with a single sitting judge.
    That Flag represents the Country my family lost members of defending so that you can make pathetic aspersions to my behaviour on a day of Celebration of that same countries birth.

    How disgusting you are to deny that I cannot wear my Countries Flag based on someone else’s actions.

  31. WTF are we living in a police state? I am a fifth generation Australia and both of my granddad’s fought for our Country. I am sue they would be rolling in their graves to see how soft we have become. We have got stop being so PC and find our true identity as Australians again. Because we are being taken over and it’s not on

  32. ‘No need for unrest, just do as you’re told’..what ! Is this a police state…how about ‘just do as you’re ASKED’…as an Australian , I’d be proud to wear our flag !

  33. I don’t drink have a wealthy job and I’m wearing my cape try taking it from a registered fighter that’s not drinking and in full awearness lmfao

  34. this is bs.. We as Australians can wear the flag how we like its a free country.. If People are allowed to wear the burka without being asked to remove it due to their beliefs we are allowed to wear our flag as a cape as that’s our right.. I will be purchasing the Australian flag and I’ll be wearing it as a cape on Australia Day..

  35. I find this discriminatory….. a cape is transparent in essence, you can see if it is male of female wearing the cape. The wearers are obviously patriotic and therefore not a terrorist threat. But we could all wear burka’s and that is not a problem….. thank you very much…..NOT!

  36. Campbell Newman u unaustralian parasite your as bad as the Muslims and mike Baird u can kiss my arse u people r going to push Australians to the limit to the point of war because u don’t back Aussies u back murdering rapest pedaphiles what are you trying to achive do u want a war keep going and Aussies will give u one u and ya Muslim murderers will be begging to be deported and take that dickhead cop with ya

  37. I’m insulted! How blasted discriminatory can you get! And to think this bs is coming from our elected officials is doubly insulting! I’m an Australian born Caucasian gran who would normally not wear any Aussie flag merchandise, but you can bet your blasted bottom dollar I’ll now be wrapped in MY flag, The Official Australian Flag, tomorrow! How dare any petty official dictate what people wear when anyone can front up anywhere draped in burks, for example, no questions asked. Politicians and police don’t tell people wearing Aboriginal flags to remove them. Politicians and police don’t tell Islamic people draped in the Islamic flag to remove them. Soccer hoons drape themselves in their flags of choice and no politician squeaks the smallest squeak about it. Cripes! People are allowed to burn our Australian flag without any action being taken! How dare any politician or police official deem it illegal for any Australians to drape themselves in our Australian flag no matter what day of the year it is! You can both get stuffed Newman and Baird!

  38. This is disgusting and derogative, no matter where the flag is on your body, it should be supported especially on Australia day, our fore father fought for our flag and it is spitting on their very existence of what the government made them fight for. Shame on the people who have made this decision and it will not be supported by me. I will wear the flag as a cape and I will wear it proud!!

  39. How dare you disloyal idiots pull this nonsense. Be sure you take the same action next time muslems run around with behead the infidel placards and the like. You are disgraceful cowards, you surround yourselves with security, armed of course, and then bight the hands that feed you. When the muslem radical get ahold of you, don’t look to me for any sympathy, you pathetic idiots.

  40. You are a bunch of tossers… it is the right of any Australian to have their flag anywhere they damn well want it… you don’t like it, don’t fucking look… I would have thought cops should only target troublemakers… how about they start with Campbell Newman and Mike Baird… when did Aussie patriotism become a crime? Cause that is essentially what they are both saying. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA AND START ENSURING THAT WE ARE ALL ONE NATION, NOT DIVIDED BY RELIGION, RACE, COLOUR, CREED….

  41. Isis flag can be waved around in the Lindt cafe for days with a follow up peaceful protest ‘offended’ stance by Sydney’s Muslims yet Australians can’t wear the flag on Australia Day. No problem I think I’ll have 2 made up as a Kaftan & wrap one round my head as a turban….embracing multiculturalism
    May all peoples from all lands enjoy Australia Day

  42. get stuffed baird, i’m 62 years old & sick of you gutless politicians pandering to this minority racist religion , they say boo, you put your tail between your legs , your un australian & like that moron in qld you also will be a 1 term wonder, why did you let lakemba happen huh, ohhhhh yer pandering, to trouble making demanding lowlife scum, your a gutless wimp

  43. as long as the disgustingly drunken party boys are targeted for public drunkeness, NOT just bcoz they’re wearing an aussie cape, it’ll be acceptable.. But if coppers target sober, calm patriots for wearing capes, shit will fly!!

  44. I am a 50plus Mum and was in a store the other day looking at Australia Day products. I actually thought a cape was a good idea. I thought about getting one for the day at the beach as a sun “cover up”. So are you telling me that I would then be “targeted” by Police. Or is that only if I was a bloke? Or is it only if I was younger? You really can’t say this isn’t discrimination and the presumption that “cape wearing” is then an indication of poor behaviour or intent.
    Come on, what has this all come to? Really.

  45. I’m not sure that I read the report correctly or have perhaps been relocated to the twilight zone because I cannot believe our politicians are telling us not to wear the flag as a cape???????????? So did they also come down hard on our sports men and women who did just that when they won their events and showed how proud they were to be Australian.
    You politicians have seriously lost the plot if you advocate this nonsense because people power will eventually pay you back for your lack of support for those who have elected you into office. Shame on all of you and now I will turn my back to all of you.

  46. I will definitely wear OUR AUSSIE FLAG as a cape with Pride, my Grandfather Fought in the WAR & many other Amazing Men & Women, so that WE all have the life we do today.
    Don’t you dare tell us AUSSIES that we can NOT..!
    How dare you or the so called Government tell us different…!
    You the Government will NOT tear us AUSSIES down, you will NOT talk down to us, you will NOT destroy our spirit, you will NOT treat us in a demeaning way.

  47. You are an absolute tossed Campbell. Anyone who listens to you is the just as bad.
    I’m surprised we have not had our first public political assassination in Australia.

    No doubt you’d be on that list

  48. I understand having to clamp down on the drunken goons wearing flags but will anyone be arrested who burns the flag

  49. This is Australia n im damn proud to call home:) if i wanna wear an aussie cape n signify that im aussie then to the NSW Premier n ur little Muss…..get screw urself:) n i wouldnt be suprised if other true blue aussies feel the same about this whole poor excuse for a government we have:( fukn bunch of cowardly wankers!!

  50. I am a proud Wiradjuri descendant, I thought we lived in a free country!! I will wear my flag as a cape PROUDLY & no one can stop me. My pop, grandmother, father, uncles & aunties fought under the flag – so if they can die for it then I will wear it the same way I have for 41 years, AS A CAPE!! I didn’t know Australia turned into a communist country where the police can tell me what to wear!! It IS discrimination, plain & simple.

  51. Surely we are still a democracy if they start racist chants and stupid things like that then of course step in.after all isnt that what Australia day is all about .

  52. What the fuck is this Marxist bullshit? Fuck off i can wear what i want in this country, tell the rag heads to take their towels off

  53. Do you think the only Australians to be offended by these comments would be “white” Australians? As a mixed race Australian I already struggle with Australia versus survival day due to my Islander/Aboriginal/English heritage, however, to tell us how to dress on this day is terrible. I really fear for this country if this is the thinking of its leaders. As to the suburban comments, perhaps I’m lucky I live in a country town or am I even further down the “crumb” chain?

  54. All I can say is Fuck you, fuck you, Fuck you. So if any indigenous person or Islam person wears their flag will they be asked to remove it. If not you are shit head discriminating arse holes, let the war begin, in the name of ANZAC’s

  55. Are you serious!!! My son wears a cape, he’s two , will you target him? This is Australia! You should be focusing on minorities like the Anti-Australians (Islamists). They seem to be the ones to be wary of these days, not the True Blue Aussies. Please let’s get with the (real) program. . . . GOG BLESS!

  56. I think it’s absurd, my children used to attend a school that held flag day, on this day every different flag was represented and I can tell you the most vocal ones were the ones offended by ours. Yet no one said anything. How come we have to be so worried about offending those who came here by choice to live.

  57. What a lot of shit this is Australia not Russia or china wear your flag however you like fucken do good pollies and cops ain’t we living in a free country or are we living in a police state heads or tales answer this question or is this to hard

  58. What a joke. For such comments alone Mike Baird should be ashamed, you are no true Aussie. Who cares if people wear the Australian flag as a cape. They are supporting this great nation. And what a load of shit that they are filling up on Mexican beer. Some people may drink Corona but I can guarantee that most don’t. So before you go just laying assumptions on the population how about you actually understand the people you represent.

  59. This is political bullshit.
    I will NOT be told to take off my cape, as this is a disrespectful act towards Australia!

    Your sincerely,


  60. this is the only country in the world that would dare tell the people they will discriminate or target anyone who wears their flag
    It’s illegal to target discriminate anyone for anything except wearing the flag
    Who’s running this country
    Not true blue Aussies
    Speak up Australia

  61. If this article is authentic and true..HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME..Baird and Newman.How dare you two , tell anyone not to drape themselves in an Australian Flag.
    What a joke, that’s probably the most “UNAUSTRALIAN” way of thinking ,I have ever heard put into words.I net you wouldn’t have theguts to tell others living in Australia not to drape themselves in other types of attire..

  62. Im going to wear an ISIS Flag while my friend wears an Australian Flag. If the police arrest him and not me you watch the riots start 😀

  63. Really!!..Is that so? Just who do you think you are, you pair of insulting pricks. ..So Big Brother’s in town eh? And just who are these suburban riff raff you speak of……QUOTE:”As for flag-capes, it is common knowledge that the people who wear these things are the type of people we don’t want sitting next to us at a beach picnic. The Queensland police will be targeting them and if any hostility arises, they will be responding accordingly,” UNQUOTE
    As for Premiers Baird and Newman,they need to get their heads out of their respective rear ends for long enough to look a bit closer at events at Cronulla and take a dekko at what happens when muslim creeps spend their time abusing, denigrating insulting and belittling our women. Don’t think it won’t happen again. Muslims are not friendly people. They are religious fanatics. They live by the tenets of the koran and sharia law and have no respect for our Rule of Law, The Separation of Powers or the separation of church and State. Islam is simultaneously their religion and their State. It is a totalitarian theocracy. Get it through your thick heads that you imported this dysfunctional mob and they are not one bit suitable for freedom and democracy. Just take a look across Europe and see what muslims are doing to their host nations. They are destroying the free and open fabric of each society they colonise. This isn’t fantasy, it is fact. And that is a taste of what will happen here in Australia because of you overly tolerant, harmonious and stupidly politically correct political types. Thanks very much for nothing.

  64. as there has never been a race riot, w.t.f. are you talking about???? – {as only the most retarded moron would think islam is a race}.

  65. The very fact that this is up for discussion at all really speaks for itself !! So I am being “discouraged” from wearing an Australian flag as a cape on the day we celebrate our country and how much we love it because it might upset the Muslims BUT they can wear burkas ALL the time even tho it upsets Australians !!! HOW ON EARTH DOES THIS MAKE SENSE !!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. What if I’m not drinking alcohol, not drunk, friendly natured? Will I be wrongly targetted even though I am not a hooligan? How can anyone say that the only ones wearing a flag for a cape must be undesirables, and I think what you are saying about Pauline Hanson is a bit rich. Actually it’s just bad form, easy to see you are a typical politician, just bad form all round. Aussies are NOT the intolerant ones, but sometimes just like Cronulla, Aussies have had enough of the lies and stupid PC, why doesn’t the whole story of Cronulla get told? That weekend was retaliation for all the events that went before, Tell the WHOLE story not just the ugly teenage drunk side, so much more to it than what you allude to.


  68. Lakemba rally last night. Has anyone seen the Sky News Headlines? Read them Premiers Baird and Newman or can’t you face your own errors or are you waiting to be briefed and informed by someone else’s agenda? Like most politicians you are the last to know what’s really happening. You live in a cloistered little world of spin, slight of hand, skulduggery back stabbing and betrayal and political bunkum. They claimed Lakemba was a peaceful demonstration that was interrupted by anti-muslim protesters. PEACEFUL? You have got to be kidding?
    This rally was to reject free speech and democracy and to replace it with Shari’ah law.
    One of the speakers said “We rejected freedom yesterday, we reject freedom today and we reject your freedom tomorrow”.
    Another speaker said “We are muslim, we are the best of humankind”. So you have this arrogant underbelly of religiosity that is anathema to our way of life and liberty and you encourage them here under the false premise that you can manage us. Yeah, that sounds like typical political pie in the sky sensationalistic rot. And sounds also like islam is peaceful little religious order, misunderstood and persecuted. Yeah sure..It’s the typical cry of the victim mentality. If islam is peaceful then pigs fly south for the winter too…the proof is in the global pudding ..have a good look around. Wherever there is global disruption, social dislocation because of extreme violence, mayhem and murder, with raping, pillaging and suicide bombings, islam will be up to their rear ends in it.

  69. To Whom It May Concern,
    Wasn’t it only recently that our Prime Minister , yes the Prime Minister of Australia , Mr Tony Abbott , stated that Australia couldn’t and wouldn’t tell people what to wear , no matter how confronting it was? The last time I looked I am still in Australia and I WILL wear MY flag around my shoulders and any , mind you any attempt to remove a garment from MY body will be dealt with legally !!

  70. You’ve got to b kidding!!! Should I wrap it up and wear it as a fuken turban or maybe cover myself head to toe with little eye slots like a burqa. Wake up govt we are losing our Australian way of life and your forcing it on us. Not what our diggers fought for!! Get a backbone you pieces of shit!! We will do what we want not what we’re told by scared nazi like officials!!!!!!!! Our govt sucks ATM.

  71. I think Everyone should wear an Australian Flag Cape. These Politicians, the same Politicians Responsible for the Criminal Dilution of Australian Culture, Can Get F—KED.

  72. You racist pair of weasel scum! To say “don’t get offended” shows they are NOT Australian! This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard, I’m 34 & wear my flag as a cape EVERY Australia day & have never been in any trouble with any one ever.
    Trying to stop Aussies from being Aussies inAustralia on Australia day to me is a sign of a Dictatorship your no better than those nut cases we hear of on the news trying to rule their country with an iron fist, if your not happy with Aussies wearing our flag cape with pride then get out of Australia you racist grub.

  73. BULLSH#T


  74. Who the hell do Newman and Baird think they are, telling us we can’t wear the capes. But Muslims can wear burqers. I WILL wear my cape on Australia Day, let anyone try to take it off me…

  75. onya but wait till the next election you fool between you abott and the monkey up north liberal party will be decimated fools

  76. GO TO HELL, WE the people of this country called Australia, Are sick of being told what to do by a government that couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY and we the people will not bow down to any one trying to take away our rights as individuals . If you want to tell people what do TELL THE ISLAMIC people to intergrate or leave because they arent welcome in OUR country unless they do and NO MORE BURQI NIJAB No more robes in public dress like an aussie

  77. OMFG REALLY?????? what a load of crap BUT I bet the indigenous people are aloud to wear there flag so,so wrong SHAME on u premier SHAME u wont be getting my vote again

  78. This is the biggest load of shit I’ve heard, another swipe at “OUR” culture, and what for ? Political correctness ? I don’t see how you present the flag, whether it’s on your back or swinging from a car ariel affecting anyone any differently!! Don’t like it ?? Then why are you even here?


  79. ” Do as your told” What? Since when did we become Communist? How can you tell someone to takeoff there flag because it is a cape?

    I am still in Australia am i not?

  80. This is outrageous! What if there are Hizb ut-Tahrir supporters there and they wear the Islamic State flag or the Shahada flag as a cape. I don’t suppose they will be required to remove them! This has gone too far!

  81. What they are saying about people who wear an Australian flag as a cape is like saying all Muslims are terrorists. Both statements are racist and stereotypical. I will mostly likely now wear the flag as a cape to prove a point. The police should judge on someone’s behaviour not on what they are wearing.

  82. Correction!
    The ‘Blokes’ giving Cronulla a bad name were the Muslim males harassing non Muslim females to point where the majority had enough!

  83. First up – Either the headline is incorrect, or the body text is incomplete – either way it is misleading.
    Neither politician said ““Our police will target anyone wearing an Australian flag cape” – key word being “anyone”.
    The editor has been irresponsible and should make prompt correction.
    Second: The flag isn’t a bit of clothing and draping ones self with it is not appropriate – though it is excusable for doing so after winning a major sporting event that involves national prestige.
    To flagrantly wear it in as clothing to advertise patriotism is in itself abuse of the flag.
    Both premiers have made it clear they will direct attention to the yobbo genetically deficient variants in society.
    As they say – many thickhead yobbos will unwittingly identify themselves and thus make the task of police easier.
    I don’t have issue with that at all nor with force needed to subdue and control situations caused by bad behaviour.
    I DO have an issue with some yobbo police who may interpret operational instructions to mean “anyone”.
    I presume police will be appropriately briefed, and as a result – those who choose to wear the flag as a cape but not act badly be left along.
    Time will tell.

  84. The Qld govt and police, total turkeys, pandering to musos, stuff em, ship them all (musos, police n govt) off to musoland somewhere

  85. So it is OK to burn the Australian flag, just not OK to wear it as a Cape. You can bet it will be Ok to wave the islamic flag on Australian day.

  86. How ridiculous is that! Just sucking up to the Muslims hopeful of their vote. Well, he just lost mine, and my family’s. To blame Cronulla solely on drunken Australian youth flies in the face of built up resentments over the Leb and Pakistani gang rapes of our girls in preceding years.

  87. this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of
    Now it’s offensive to be patriotic?
    Offensive to who?
    Why is draping a flag across yourself deemed inappropriate
    The worlds gone PC insane
    Stop it now
    Last time I checked Australia was a democracy and freedom of expression and free speech valued

  88. I am nearly 80 and if I want to go out in a flag cape I will do so why can you wear a burqa and not your own flag on Australian day I say in not a nice way to all our pollys p*** off

  89. Why are we pandering to the Muslim population? If I want to wear a cap, I will wear a cap with the Australian flag. I am NOT going to be ashamed to fly my flag because we are pandering to a religious beliefs. If the Muslim population is going to find our flag offensive then maybe, this country is not for you.

  90. This is so bloody wrong so now you think you can tell people not to wear a Australia cap that people are proud of you Polly’s need to get of your power trip and put your time and effort into really things that matter not very Australian of you at all .

  91. Since when have police been used to dress us? No hope you have just given millions of Australians a reason to wear a cape. As an ex serviceman, this is an insult, a cape is usually made with a flag, try stop me! I do not drink alcohol or use intoxicating drugs, so, if I wish to wear a cape I will. I live in Perth thank christ, but if this spreads here, it is not us wearing capes that have to beware! This is Australia, you can go to hell trying to stop me being just that in my own country. Constitutional Revolution needs starting NOW! Patriot Cops needed, apply Now and get rid of those political dumb arses that think the New World Order will be a peacful transaction to a herded population!

  92. Newman & Baird,Come up Cairns Nth Qld and say that in in the main street and see what you get run out of town on a rail you un australian pricks.

  93. What a crock, Queensland get rid of these idiots. I am not offended I am absolutely incensed, what is next. Asking girls to remove swim suits that depict the Australian Flag? These morons have no place in government for the people. Newman and co want to be dictators get rid of them.

  94. why are people born in this country constantly forced to bow to imported and in my opinion unwanted people why try to change my way of life i say ” AUSTRALIA LOVE IT OR GET THE HELL OUT “

  95. What is the difference between wearing a cap or wearing Aussie t shirts? It is the one day that ALL Aussies celebrate our country… it shouldnt matter what we wear as long as we behave. If i was wearing a cape flag & asked to remove it i would be highly disgusted because 1 i dont drink & 2 we are suppose to live in a democracy, yet we are bowing down & now being told what to wear. The more the pollies push on this issue the worse the situation will become…. how about policing those out there who openly plan to attack our country rather than be on people for wearing a cape. The wearing of a cape doesnt in any way say that u are a person asking for trouble it merely states that u are proud to be an Aussie!!

  96. This is unbelievable!! What’s the difference where you wear our flag??!!! The flag is the flag and it’s the flag of OUR Nation, of OUR people!!! We should be proud of it wherever it’s flown and/or displayed!! This is the flag our forefathers fought and died for !!! This is the flag our ANZACS fought and died for!!! I can’t believe the statements by these two politicians!!!!! Are they bowing and scraping once again to the Moslems because they’re the only breed who don’t want to integrate into Australia! They cry peace but they’re liars – their agenda is to take over our country, convert us all to Islam or kill us if we won’t, establish sharia law over Australian law and fly the Islamic flag over Parliament House !! OMG WAKE UP NEWMAN and BAIRD – you sound like traitors!!

  97. i think it’s a pathetic joke telling ppl to not wear a cape it’s Australia and our country how dare you , tell the muslim terrorists not to wear burqas

  98. I take offence to Newman & Baird asking people to remove their flag capes on Australia Day, how dare they!!!!!
    If that is not being racist against Australians then what is???
    As for your comment about Pauline Hanson being an ‘unsavoury character’ I am absolutely disgusted with such a derogative statement by both of you who ever said it.
    That photo of Pauline has been around for over 16 years & you choose to come out now & pick it to pieces, just goes to show how PATHETIC you both are.
    I love that photo of Pauline & I always have inBfact I have it in my home & think how PATRIOTIC it is & how it shows where Pauline’s heart & loyalty lies to this NATION & ITS PEOPLE!!!!!
    If you think these pathetic comments will win both of you points then I suggest you think again!!!!!


  99. Qld has always been a police state NSW a nanny state which is fast becoming a police state , BUT , only works if you are a Lehonese Moslem , who puts Australia down , our women our way of life us in general they can’t stand . But who do the police protect radical , whining , bludging , with multiple wives on unmarried pensions Moslems .

  100. Are these politicians going to disgrace the sacrifice so many wonderful Australians that gave there lives to protect this country from being enslaved to some other country’s ideals. You are welcome in this country only if you wish to respect this wonderfull country and our culture, as many have past defending it. Just shows how deceitful the politicians are !!!!!

  101. This has to be the most stupid thing yet. What a bunch of bloody idiots we have for politicians. Get real and be patriotic, wear the flag, wave the flag and to hell with these pathetic wimps. As for the notation beneath the picture of Pauline Hanson, who ever wrote or said that is also a bloody disgrace, she is the only politician worth her salt. She is all for Australia, she would not cave in to the U.N. and the world government. Not like the others, who are all talk and no action, unless it’s doing something to reduce our civil liberties and more stupid rules like the above.

  102. people who wear Aussie flag capes are exactly the type I want sitting next to me!
    Proud, patriotic and passionate. That is my preference.
    At my Aust Day event, I counted 14 Flag Cape wearers, one was a local dignitary, one a community member nominated for Citizen of the Year, a couple were Aust Citizens commemorating their ceremony 12 months ago, and the rest were teenagers or kids.
    Any one of these people I would be proud to have sit near me. Any day of the year.

  103. The very notion that the use of the Australian Flag in this manner can in anyway be considered illegal or require its forceful removal is offensive and a very disappointing state of affairs. Given that all the states at any number of times have allowed the flag to be burnt and would ask by what ordinance or legislation this directive is being issued. We are asked not to take offence at displaying our pride in the flag whilst others would besmirch, deride or damage everything that it stands for. How can anyone patriotic Australian take offence at this restriction of free speech. The generalisation and justification that it was the act of wearing the flag as a cape which caused or incited the riots in Cronulla is also offensive to all those people whom have undertaken the activity for the several years hence. Governments speak of not generalising that extremists represent the whole and yet you wish to remove this activity because e a very small number of people in the population some of whom were and weren’t engaging in this activity became involved in a riot. Welcome to the Police State, this is a joke of the highest order. Except no one is laughing.

  104. You pompous ass Mr Baird where do you get off calling anyone wearing an Australian flag as a cape someone who you wouldn’t want at your picnic. Why don’t you just tell Australians they no longer have any rights to express their patriotism and we have to cow tail to the Muslims because we are so gutless to speak out against them. The biggest lot of bull shit I have ever heard from a politician want to be. Take your lefty ideology and shove up your pompous ass you un Australian dirt bag!!

    • Its just the way its going phil….our rights mean bugger all sometimes it would seem….but we cannot stand in the way of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS now can we. Ffs. By the time they work it out it will be too bloody late mate.

  105. I am sick to fucking death of the scum in this shit hole of a country… Always getting away with taking our rights away. Always accusing us Aussies of being racist when its those fucking cunts that come here and do nothing but cause problems and complain that our way of life offends them! Don’t fucking come here then you dumb pricks. I have never been racist in my life, but I understand why racism exists. It is a natural defense mechanism, not an offense. You want to be treated with equal rights and respect? Then how about you start treating the people who gave you a safe new home with some fucking respect first – OR FUCK OFF.

  106. No cop is goin to tell me not to wear an aussie flag around my neck a proud Australian and stuff any other race which dont like goin to bluntly refuse …

  107. Im disabled just had an operation i will wear my flag as a cape and also headwear,nad on a gopher, what are going to do drag me off, arrest me if you will but you will hear me scream in the entire world..My body i shall dress however i want..Australias biggest lawsuit will happen to no ends…Who elected these wankers….youve branded yourselfs now…get out while the goings good…This is Australia and we are proud australians, not so much the stupid Government who should do as we say not what they want..You work for us..remember the citizins of Australia…go figure..Nothing will change us , you havent even got enough room to process the millions of people who shall wear an Australian Flag as a cape..tartget the unruley louts that are being drunken idiots but not everyday people..So if i dressed my 1 yr old grandaughter in a cape are you going to arrest her??? dumb …

  108. Hows about go and fuck yourself baird ? Hows that sound ? Nor you or the police can tell us what to wear or how to act , if someone on the street is yelling AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI … ill go scream it out at the top of my lings right next to the guy just to show i love the country i live in , its pretty obvious you are a dick mr baird but please dont go pushing your weight around the office nd flapping your arms on the only day that we really have to relax! just fuck off and let us wear our capes and drink in peace , thats all we ask

  109. “No need for unrest, just do what you’re told.”

    We’ll just throw away basic human rights and national patriotism because minorities and police are offended???

  110. Women’s rights went through this kind of stuff decades ago. Everyone has the right to wear what you like without some biggot saying you can’t wear an item!!!! It’s one day of a year you can do it! A minority ruins it not the majority….
    Choose who you support for election backings carefully Baird because next election I’ll leave you out! Go for the criminals not the innocent.
    You have just taken another step towards tyrant, but the good thing is elections mean you can be oust very quick!

    I smell another backflip just because of the lawsuits!

  111. I fuggen wont stand for it an ill wear me cape everywear an keep me goonbag tucked under me arm too. Fuggen cops can get stuffed an ill take em on an ill take tha lefty commy bastards on too. Fugg it ill take everyone on. Come at me an my cape becos Im the pride of white austraya


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