South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett has woken up to a bit of a fright this morning.

Last year’s Maroons mentor reportedly arose to find 97 missed calls popping up on his phone screen.

“Jesus, I thought I’d missed an emergency or something,” said Wayne Bennett, whose phone had been on silent overnight.

“Lot of text messages too. I nearly missed my good morning message from Darius in the middle of all that.”

The raft of calls came from a number of Queensland rugby league power-brokers after the 50-6 State of Origin drubbing at the hands of the team that lost the ‘unloseable series’ last year.

While the Sunshine State is externally expressing a confident sentiment for the rest of the series, it’s believed people in charge are quite concerned at the particularly unQueensland like performance last night.

The match comes roughly 6 months after Wayne Bennett orchestrated one of the greatest ever Origin victories, taking an undermanned Queensland to a 2-1 series win.

“Pretty unnecessary really”

“Couldn’t it have waited till the morning”

When asked about whether the bulk calls could swing him back around to helping out for the rest of this year’s series, Wayne was coy.

“Hmmm. I won’t say I’m not going to coach, because as most fans know, when I say something isn’t going to happen, it is actually going to happen,” smiled Wayne.

“I’ll have a think.”

“But first things first, the boys need to take Munster and Grant out on a bender before the next Origin camp”


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