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The Queensland media today has declined the opportunity this morning to name and shame the fucking Melbourne person that so selfishly thought the lockdown rules didn’t apply to them because they probably look like the woman in the picture above.

“We know who it is,” said one Courier-Mail staff writer who spoke to The Advocate on the promise of anonymity.

“And they look Australian so we’re just going to have to give them the benefit of the doubt here. Even though they broke the rules, they obviously didn’t know the rules included them. We don’t think it’d help anybody by naming them,”

“Even though she was sick as a fucking pike for the whole trip. Oh man, it drives me fucking wild, these fucking Melbourne people. Selfish they are to their core. I feel sorry for Regional Victorians who get lumped in with them. They should seriously just push the whole Greater Melbourne area out into Bass Strait,”

“Oh man, I need to sit down. I’m so angry, man.”

More to come.


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