A hat-trick from returning Blues centre Tom Trbojevic and stand out performances from Brian To’o and Latrell Mitchell have silenced an entire Townsville stadium of Maroon overnight, as game one of State Of Origin was snatched from the hands of Queensland from the jump.

Predictably, New South Wales fans are today cheering even louder than Queensland did after our record-shattering eighth State Of Origin series win in a row in 2013.

However, the proud people of Queensland have not woken up bitter or jaded about last night’s 50-6 loss, a reaction that has sent chills down the spine of the chicken-counters down south.

As the only state that truly ‘gets’ Origin, Queenslanders are instead focusing on game II – as we take the licks and learn the lessons that came out of watching New South Wales score their biggest State of Origin victory.

In fact, Maroon supporters are today smirking at the sheer arrogance of the NSW rugby league – an institution more commonly associated with rape trials and institutional racism than the euphoria of Origin victory.

“Haha. Enjoy it” chuckles the entire state of Queensland this morning.

“In fact, you should have a party … Take a day off…”

“Cherish it”

The NSW Blues fans, players and coaching staff are growing increasingly nervous at the nonchalant energy permeating from the Deep North – as they watch Queensland relish in their newfound underdog status.

“Right where we want youse” whispers all 1.853 million square kilometres of Queensland.



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