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After the “Mighty Bloods” went 0-6 to start the season, the Marketing Analyst from the Harbour Capital’s Eastern Suburbs had written the year off.

He was sparked back into life as the Bondi Boys swarmed into the finals series on the back of a dream run of victories.

However, upon the Swans getting knocked out, Potter was left pondering what he should do for the rest of September.

“I came to the conclusion that I may as well just jump on the only bandwagon bigger than the Swans mate. So I ordered myself a black and gold scarf and got on the Tiger Train,” he told the Advocate today.

“Yeah mate, I was absolutely spewing that I couldn’t get tickets down there for the weekend, but Dad decided to use the Box tickets this year, so I’ll just have to enjoy it in Paddington or something with a few of the boys,” he said.

Michael Swinton, a school friend who doesn’t know much about the AFL, said Potter will be unbearable this afternoon if the Tigers get on the front foot.

“Fairy-tale this, dream run that. Give me a break. This whole “obsession” with AFL stems from the fact he was shit at Rugby at school,” Swinton said.


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